Slow rolling is bad, but also funny when it involves Fintan Hand and Jaime Staples

A must watch video for Friday, featuring Fintan Hand, Jaime Staples, and proof, as Hand would put it, that karma simply does not exist. At least not in poker. Not all the time.

Fintan Hand, with reason to smile

You might think there are issues of decency surrounding slow rolling, and there are. But when two Team Pros happen to face each other at the poker table all bets are off. It's only right that the book of poker etiquette is picked up, and then flung through the window.

The clip below shows one of those moments, with some hilarious back and forth between the pair. Fintan plans on slow rolling. Staples knows he's going to slow roll. And then, well, see for yourself in the clip below.

Cue some proper trolling, that complete absence of karma, and what you'd probably call a private "I knew it!" moment.

Apparently, these guys are still good friends.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in News