The Weekly PokerStars Round-up: $1M for Spin & Goal winner, $100K GTD for $0.01, and more

Fancy spinning $5 up to $1 million? This week, one lucky player did exactly that. Or how about buying into a tournament for just a penny and winning the lion's share of a $100K guaranteed prize pool? This Sunday, you can.

All of that and more in our round-up of the week's PokerStars news.

•  [AG]_Rocky wins $5 Spin & Goal for $1M
•  Common Cents series kicks off with $0.01 $100K GTD opener
•  Trio Series smashes guarantees with €6.45M won
•  Dublin Mammoth champ wins $30K Platinum Pass
•  Ten Platinum Passes Available at EPT Barcelona

[AG]_Rocky wins $5 Spin & Goal for $1M

His name was [AG]_Rocky. He was wrapping up an online tournament session on PokerStars, and busted his final two tables: one at 12:30, and the other at 12:46. He decided to stick around a little longer and fire up a $5 Spin & Goal before calling it a day.

By 13:00, he was a millionaire.

The $1M winning moment

Lucky for us, Benjamin 'Spraggy' Spragg was on hand to capture the million-dollar win on his Twitch channel. To learn more about [AG]_Rocky's momentous score, and to see the video footage, click the link below:

A million bucks for [AG]_Rocky, a royal for Staples, a win for Spraggy--A Twitch Round Up!

Why not try a Spin & Go next time you go on a MTT break? It's the perfect way to fill that five minutes, and you too could win life-changing money.

Want to know more about Spin & Goals and have a shot at winning $1M yourself? Simply click here.

Common Cents series kicks off with $0.01 $100K GTD opener

"Even the greats started somewhere. All those musicians, artists, athletes. Even the TV chefs had to start small. It's the same in poker. It might be around a kitchen table, or even online, but poker starts with pennies. And scooping a win that jingles can feel just as great as the type that folds..."

Zoom in and you'll see all the greats started somewhere...

This week, Stephen Bartley told us all about the Common Cents Series, a poker extravaganza with 23 events, big prize pools, and total buy-ins of just $12.77.

The series kicks off on Sunday this weekend with a $0.01 event - yep, just a penny - that comes with a massive $100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

For more information on how you could turn one penny into a life-changing score, click the link below:

Common Cents returns this Sunday. $100K Gtd for opener. Buy-in for a penny

Trio Series smashes guarantees with €6.45M won

This month, for the first time in three years, online poker players from Portugal were able to play on PokerStars against those in France and Spain. We're very happy to say that the results exceeded all expectations, as well as all prize pool guarantees.

Portugal, France and Spain combined for the Trio Series

The 78-event Trio Series smashed its €5 million overall guaranteed prize pool, ultimately awarding €6,457,486 in prizes. Read all about it at the link below, and congratulations to Main event winner 'Ineed1000ETH' who won €71,917.47!

Portugal, France and Spain unite! Trio Series smashes guarantees with €6.45M won

Dublin Mammoth champ wins $30K Platinum Pass

Our latest Platinum Pass winner is Darren Millar, who took down the €120 Dublin Mammoth for €25,670 plus one of the coveted $30K packages.

Darren Millar

At one point three-handed, self-employed builder Millar was all-in with a flopped set, versus two pair and a flopped nut flush. He needed to hit a full house to survive.

Luckily for Millar, he had his lucky stone with him...

Read all about Millar's Platinum Pass win at the link below.

Platinum Pass winner Darren Millar gets by with a little help from a friend

Ten Platinum Passes Available at EPT Barcelona

Speaking of Platinum Passes, this week it was announced that TEN of them will be handed out during EPT Barcelona in August.

Casino Barcelona

Head here to find out how you can qualify for EPT Barcelona and get your hands on one of those Platinum Passes.

Good luck to all of you playing this weekend. Spin that one cent up!

Jack Stanton
@J_W_Stanton in News