Turbo Talk: Celina Lin

The PokerStars Turbo Series is coming up and it promises to be the fastest and most thrilling tournament series of the year. To get you in the mood for speed, PokerStars Blog enlisted the help of Team Pro to answer ten quick-fire questions for an interview series we like to call Turbo Talk. Today we speak with Celina Lin, a serial Macau casher who wants to bring the fun back to the tables...

Early bird or night owl?
Night owl

Twitter or telephone?

Healthy eating or unlimited eating?
Healthy eating

Beach or city?

Netflix or Kindle?

Cash or tourneys?

Online or live?

My best poker tip is...
Have fun at the tables! Not enough people are enjoying the game.

Liv Boeree and Celina Lin bringing the fun at the PCA

The best player in the world is....
It changes every year as the game changes, but probably Fedor [Holz] right now.

Celina thinks Fedor Holz is the best in the game right now

I couldn't get through a poker tournament without....
My AirPods!

Celina Lin is always happy at the tables....so long as she has her AirPods!

Ross Jarvis
@PokerStars in News