2019 Platinum Pass winners (G-M)

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The PSPC Class of 2019 (G-M)

Esteban Garcia (Puerto Rico)

Moneymaker PSPC Tour Seminole Hard Rock Charity Event winner

Esteban finished second to Chris Moneymaker in the charity event at Seminole Hard Rock during the Moneymaker Tour, winning the Platinum Pass that Moneymaker was ineligible to win. He is a Puerto Rican native who now lives in South Florida and works for an electric company. "I'm the guy who climbs the poles," he says. He plans to take his wife with him to the Bahamas.

Arthur Gavard (France)

.ES/.FR Stars Rewards Players Championship Giveaway winner

You might say that Gavard's Platinum Pass is the ultimate freeroll: he won it in a Stars Rewards giveaway for players in France and Spain.

Fintan Gavin (Ireland)

Irish Megastack Ulster winner

Everyone may talk about the young guns, but the PSPC wouldn't be complete without the old guard, and 49-year-old Fintan Gavin will be leading for the Irish contingent. "What an amazing event and I am going to be part of it," he said.

Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino (Argentina)

BSOP Millions Charity Event winner

A professional rugby player for the Argentine national team, Gonzalez Amorosino has been playing poker for 15 years. "I feel very happy," he said after winning his Platinum Pass at the BSOP Millions charity event. "It's a unique opportunity for players that, like me, don't have the money to pay such an expensive buy-in to play a prestigious tournament like this one."

Pedro Pablo Gonzalez Buitrago (Spain)

SECOOP Challenge - 8 Stamps Freeroll winner

Players who entered events during the Southern Europe Championship of Online Poker received a stamp for every day they played. Gonzalez Buitrago earned eight stamps to qualify for a freeroll, then won that freeroll to book his passage to the Bahamas.

Alin Grasu (Romania)

EPT Barcelona Event #23 Crazy Pineapple Hand Challenge winner

Grasu's poker career has taken him from the coffee shop he owns in Bucharest to 30 PokerStars Live events. Next stop: the Bahamas for the PSPC.

Detlef Grewe (Germany)

Stars Rewards Giveaway winner

Grewe's December was one to remember: he won a Platinum Pass in a Stars Rewards giveaway.

Mihai Iulian Grigore (Romania)

Bounty Builder Freeroll winner

Grigore scored his Platinum Pass in a freeroll during the Bounty Builder series. "It's a dream come true," he said. "I'm sure it will be a unique experience I'm going to make the best of it! I want this qualification to change my life.

Andrew Grimason (Ireland)

Mammoth Dublin High Roller

Grimason earned €13,525 and a Platinum Pass for conquering the 124-player Mammoth Dublin High Roller event. Next step: take on the world at the PSPC!

Andrii Bohdanov Grynechko (Ukraine)

PCA 2018 TV Show Viewers - PSPC Freeroll winner

A Ukrainian living in Canada and working in construction, Grynechko entered a freeroll for viewers of the 2018 PCA. He plans to keep to his routine of playing in local clubs and online to prepare for the PSPC.

Thai Ha (USA)

PCA Day 2 Draw winner

Thai Ha was on his way to start Day 2 of the 2018 Main Event when he realized a commotion around his table. There were cameras everywhere and people were cheering. Why? Because Ha, who hadn't even made it to his seat had just won a Platinum Pass.

Bas Haamers (Netherlands )

Winter Series Medium winner

Here's how you start a year. You enter a $215 tournament, win it for nearly a quarter million bucks, and pick up a Platinum Pass in the process. That's what Bas Hammers did in the Winter Series this year. Now he'll be playing in the PSPC to start his 2019.

hackrmaenz  (Norway)

Sunday Million Anniversary Take 2

Sometimes you just have to get lucky Norway's hackrmaenz didn't cash in the Take 2 version of the Sunday Million Anniversary tournament, but he did win a drawing from its entrants to play for a Platinum Pass...and he won.

Klaus Hamann (Germany)

November Monthly Sunday Cashers All-In Shootout winner

Players who cashed in selected PokerStars tournaments during October qualified for an all-in shootout. Hamann won the shootout to clinch his Platinum Pass. He says winning is a "super feeling" and he is very excited to meet the best poker players.

Cesar Omar del Pino Hanouadi (Spain)

PSF Marbella Main Event winner

Just five years after beginning his poker career, Cesar Omar del Pino Hanouadi made quick work of this summer's PSF Marbella Main Event, taking out all his opponents in just 90 minutes to earn his Platinum Pass.

Tom Haney (United Kingdom)

Genting Poker Series Sheffield Main Event winner

Haney's win over 312 entrants in the Genting Poker Series Sheffield £400 Main Event earned him a £24,890 prize and a trip to the Bahamas for the 2019 PSPC.

Jean-Côme Haye (France)

French Student Championship

The 23-year-old Haye has been playing poker since he turned 18, but he's been following professional poker since the age of 15. He had never played in a PokerStars Live event before winning the French Student Championship. He'll play his second in as many months when he takes his seat in the PSPC.

Jackson Hedges (United Kingdom)

PokerStars Live Qualifier All-In Shootout winner

Playing as "BeatZer0," Hedges played in a qualifier for a live event on PokerStars. That earned him an all-in shootout ticket in early September for a Platinum Pass, which he won to earn his seat in the PSPC.

Robert Heidorn (Germany)

PokerStars London Series High Roller winner

Heidorn conquered a field of 119 players at the PokerStars London Series High Roller event to win £58,084 -- and with it a $30,000 Platinum Pass.

Carlos Hey (Brazil)

BSOP 2018 Season Ranking 2nd place winner

Hey started playing poker nine years ago. After two years he had enough success to quit his banking job and pursue poker full-time. Finishing second in the 2018 year-end ranking for the BSOP scored him a Platinum Pass since the winner, Saulo Sabioni, had already earned a pass of his own.

Jeremy Hilsercop (United States)

'12 Labours of Arlie' promo winner

Jeremy Hilsercop had already enjoyed one of the best Christmases of his life when his wife gifted him a package to the 2019 WSOP. Then Joe Ingram and Arlie Shaban got involved and things went from amazing to unbelievable.

Marcelo Horta  (Brazil)

BSOP Brasilia Main Event

Marcelo Horta has been playing on the BSOP for a decade but didn't consider himself a pro and had never won a live tournament. This time when he did it, he won a Platinum Pass in the process.

Matous Houzvicek (Czech Republic)

EPT Sochi National Event Winner

"Let's drink!" That was Matous Houzvicek's response to winning his Platinum Pass. See, he was planning on going to the PSPC anyway, so winning his buy-in was pretty much just a very sweet bonus for him. Wait until we get him drinking Bahama Mamas!

Joey Ingram (United States)

'12 Labours of Arlie' promo winner

Jeremy Hilsercop had already enjoyed one of the best Christmases of his life when his wife gifted him a package to the 2019 WSOP. Then Joey Ingram and Arlie Shaban got involved and things went from amazing to unbelievable. Arlie's 12th and final labour was to convince Ingram to accept a Platinum Pass -- he said he would accept it, but only if Hilsercop got one too. Now all three of them are playing the PSPC.

Alex Irwin  (United Kingdom)

PSF Marbella Cup winner

Irwin just missed out on Platinum Pass #118 when he finished 4th in the Mammoth Dublin High Roller event that Andrew Grimason won. So he booked himself a trip to Marbella and, one week after the near-miss, won the PSF Marbella Cup and the Platinum Pass that came with it.

Aleeyah Jadavji (Canada)

Trade Media #MyPSPCNomination winner

Jadavji was one of dozens of poker media members who were nominated by their friends and peers to receive PokerStars' Platinum Pass giveaway. From those many nominations, a five-person panel reduced the nominees to Jadavji, PocketFives' Lance Bradley, Kevin Mathers, Cardplayer Lifestyle's Robbie Strazynski, and Pokerfuse co-founder Nick Jones, and Jadavji was selected by an independent judge outside PokerStars.

Christian Jambor (Germany)

PokerStars Live Qualifier All-In Shootout winner

Jambor played in an online satellite for a live tournament on PokerStars during the month of November. Doing that earned him a ticket to an all-in shootout, which broke his way to earn him a seat in the PSPC.

Toke Gerding Jensen (Denmark)

Poker In the Ears 'Superfan vs Stapes' promo winner

Jensen played every week of the Poker In The Ears Freeroll League, and watched every Monday-night stream on Twitch. He was second on the leaderboard heading into the final week of the promotion, but was frozen out of the last two games by server issues...so the Poker In The Ears guys invited him to play "Superfan vs Stapes," where his knowledge of BoJack Horseman outstripped Joe Stapleton's to win a Platinum Pass.

Guy Robert Johnson (United Kingdom)

High Roller Series All-In Shootout winner

Johnson earned his Platinum Pass in an all-in shootout for players who entered events during the High Roller Series.

Linda Johnson (United States)

Invited celebrity

Johnson, a cornerstone of the poker community for more than two decades, was chosen by department heads at PokerStars to receive a Platinum Pass.

Steven-John Jost (Switzerland)

PCA In The Money draw winner

Steven-John Jost was on the vacation of a lifetime at the PCA when he learned that simply by cashing in the PCA Main Event, he'd won a Platinum Pass that would bring him back for much bigger money. "Am I dreaming?!" he asked.

Arthur Jun Fujimoto (Brazil)

PokerStars University Series winner

Arthur Jun represented the School of Economics and Management of PUC São Paulo at the PokerStars University Series winner. He defeated other players from his own school, and then a field of 27 players from around Brazil at the BSOP Millions, to earn his Platinum Pass.

Arsenii Karmatckii (Russia)

EPT Sochi Main Event Winner

"I've never played a $25,000 tournament," Karmatskiy said after winning the EPT Sochi Main Event and a Platinum Pass -- his top motivation during the final table -- along with it. "It's going to be a great experience to play such a big tournament."

Allan Reginald Kean (United Kingdom)

PSL Cash Game winner

A retired black cab driver who once worked as the manager of a bookmaker's shop, the 68-year-old Kean only started playing poker four years ago. He focuses on cash games almost exclusively -- in fact, he won his Platinum Pass during the PSL Cash Game promotion at the Hippodrome in London in November.

Kelvin Kerber (Brazil)

BSOP Sao Paulo Player of the Series

Kelvin Kerber is a walking freeroll. After winning the BSOP Sao Paulo Main Event in 2016, he's managed to parlay that victory over and over again until the point it sent him for a $30,000 freeroll at the PSPC. He's won a SCOOP event and run roughshod over the BSOP. Be careful if you end up at a table with him.

Oleksandr Khadzhy-Ivan (Ukraine )

PokerStars Collectibles Shootout

Oleksandr Khadzhy-Iva is a guy who plays for fun on PokerStars. Now the fun PokerStars Collectibles Challenge is sending him to the Bahamas.

Matt Kiefer (United States)

#VloggerInParadise Platinum Pass Adventure winner

Kiefer was the first of two #VloggerInParadise Platinum Pass Adventure winners chosen by Jeff Gross and Andrew Neeme. "It's like being five again at Christmas," he told them when they called him live on Twitch.

Artem Kitkin

Monthly All-In Shootout winner

Artem Kitkin was the lucky winner of an All-in Shootout held for people who had cashed in a select group of February Sunday tournaments, earning a trip to the Bahamas in the process.

Imre Kivilo (Estonia)

PokerStars Daily Tournaments All-In Shootout winner

Kivilo, who plays online as immu11, earned his Platinum Pass by topping an All-In Shootout for cashers in select daily tournaments during the month of May.

Kristo Klaassen (Estonia)

EPT Open Sochi Event #14 Flip Out winner

Klaassen became the second Estonian Platinum Pass winner (after Imre Kivilo) when he visited the EPT Open in Sochi, made Day 2 of an event, and then survived a flipout tournament against his fellow Day 2 players.

Eisuke Kobayashi (Japan)

ACOP Platinum Series winner

Twenty-eight year-old Eisuke Kobayashi started playing poker only two and half years before punching his ticket to the PSPC. A baseball enthusiast and recreational poker player, Kobayashi said, "It's an amazing opportunity to play with skilled and world class players."

Kunimaro Kojo (Japan)

Japan Poker Tour JOPT Leaderboard winner

A 56-year-old investor from Saitama, Japan, Kojo topped the Japan Poker Tour leader board to earn a return trip to the Bahamas. He's previously won a PCA event and has Bahamas cashes totaling more than $150,000.

Yurii Komarov

PSPC Online Satellite (Shared Liquidity) winner

Komarov won his seat in the Bahamas the old-fashioned way: through an online satellite. "I actually woke up my wife in the middle of the night to tell her we are going to the Bahamas, but she thought I was joking and got angry." Just wait until she lands in the Caribbean in January.

Maria Konnikova (USA)

PCA National winner

Bestselling writer Maria Konnikova set out to pen a book about a journey to learn pro-style poker under the coaching of Erik Seidel. Before she could finish writing, she was a champion and had earned a Platinum Pass to the PSPC.

Krisztián Kormány (Hungary)

Stars Rewards Players Championship Giveaway

You may not always be hyped about what you get when you open your Stars Rewards chest, but Kormány Krisztián can't complain, because he opened up to see a Platinum Pass. "I've been looking forward to a real challenge for a long time."

David Korn (Germany)

PSF Marbella Cup Flip Out Challenge winner

Korn, who started playing poker 10 years ago with friends, had never cashed in a live tournament before making the trip to Marbella, where he won the Flipout Challenge. "It feels f***ing awesome to win a Platinum Pass," he said. "I never expected anything like it.""

Ermo Kosk (Estonia)

PSPC Online Satellite winner

In September, Kosk became the third Estonian player to win a Platinum Pass, and he did it the old-fashioned way -- winning an online satellite.

Ori Kossonogi (Israel)

Moneymaker Tour Gardens Casino winner

Kossonogi earned his Platinum Pass in mid-September when he topped a field of 786 players in the Moneymaker Tour event at Gardens Casino in southern California.

Djordje Kremic  (Serbia)

SpinAndGoal Social Media freeroll winner

23-year-old Djordje Kremic scored his Platinum Pass through a freeroll in this summer's Spin & Goal promotion. "I am beyond excited and to be frank, still in shock," he said afterward. "I understand that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I plan to take full advantage of it. This is an amazing opportunity that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life."

Gergely Kulcsár (Hungary)

SCOOP Main Event Medium Winner

Gergely "Wildace_hun" Kulcsár made winning a career-best $783K -- and a potentially life-changing Platinum Pass -- look exceedingly easy in the SCOOP-Medium Main Event.

Andrei Stanislavovich Kurov

Poker In The Ears All-In Shootout winner

Of all the worldwide listeners to the Poker In The Ears podcast with James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton, only a fraction participated in an all-in shootout for a Platinum Pass. And of that fraction, it was Kurov who survived to book passage to the Bahamas in January.

Maria Lampropulos (Argentina)

PCA Main Event winner

Battling a terrible cough and fatigue against some of the world's best, Maria Lampropulos could not even consider herself a favorite to win the PCA Main Event. Nevertheless, she persevered, earned the championship and a chance to come back for the PSPC.

Dominique Lamy (France)

PR - Team France

Lamy was nominated by his peers to receive a Platinum Pass, whose value exceeds his total career cashes in live events since 2012, and join Team France at the PSPC.

John "Shaun" Lennon (Ireland)

Invitational - Team Ireland

Lennon, a 51-year-old floor screeder and father of five from Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland, has been playing poker since he was 17. He was nominated to win a Platinum Pass by his friends in the Irish poker community. "I'm delighted to have been chosen to be part of the Team Ireland nomination and with the talent he was up against I didn't rate my chances," he said. "I felt humble just to be shortlisted alongside them."

Eric Lenoir (France)

EPT Barcelona Main Event Crazy Pineapple Hand Challenge winner

Finishing 117th in the EPT Barcelona Main Event earned Lenoir the largest cash of his career, but it was making Day 2 that qualified him for the Crazy Pineapple Hand Challenge that yielded his Platinum Pass.

Sergey Leonichev (Ukraine)

PokerStars Live Qualifier AISO winner

Playing in a qualifier for a PokerStars Live event earned Sergey Leonichev a ticket for an All-In Shootout. Winning that shootout was the key that unlocked his Platinum Pass.

Evgeniy Leonidov

EPT Open Sochi - Main Event Qualifiers Last Longer winner

Leonidov satellited into the EPT Open Sochi Main Event online -- his first time at a PokerStars Live event -- and entered the Last Longer bet for online qualifiers. Then he outlasted the rest of them to book his trip to the Bahamas.

Pierre Lewandowski  (France)

Megastack Dublin Main Event Winner

Listen, as long as you play by the rules, there is nothing wrong with winning dirty...even if you do it twice like Pierre Lewondowski did to lock up his Platinum Pass. A two-outer and three-outer to win? Ewwwwwww.

Derik Li (United States)

NJSCOOP Main Event Winner (Low)

Back in May, Li won a $10 satellite to the NJSCOOP-Low Main Event. Then he beat 1,150 players to win the $5,300 title -- and a $30,000 Platinum Pass. "I'm pretty excited to see and maybe play with some of the pros I've watched throughout the years," he said of the opportunity.

Wilson Lim (Singapore)

APPT Manila Main Event winner

Wilson Lim plays poker full-time, so he knew that coming to the APPT Manila Main Event final table with one big blind meant he was probably done for. But he kept a positive mindset and with a little luck won the tournament, earning a Platinum Pass for his troubles.

Chen An Lin  (Taiwan)

Macau Millions Main Event Winner

It was the first time he'd won a Main Event, so he still wasn't over that achievement when he started considering his Platinum Pass win. He has eight months to be excited about that!

I-Cheng Lin (Taiwan)

Manila Super Series 7 Main Event

Lin finished third in the previous Manila Super Series Main Event. This time he topped a field of 784 players at City of Dreams Manila, earning a Platinum Pass that more than doubled the value of his winnings.

Oleksandr Lishchuk (Ukraine)

WCOOP ICE Challenges All-In Shootout 2nd place

Second place in an all-in shootout isn't usually worth anything, but during WCOOP it earned Lishchuk a Platinum Pass and a seat in the Bahamas this coming January.

Felipe Lombardi (Brazil)

Platinum Live Xperience winner

In November, after nearly a year of poker and nine stages of the competition, Lombardi conquered the final nine players in the Platinum Live Xperience final at the BSOP Millions. He triumphed heads-up over Paulo Gini, the current top-ranked BSOP player, to win his PSPC seat.

Ecktor Lopes  (Brazil)

BSOP All-In or Fold tourney

Male model Ecktor Lopes was already doing pretty well for himself before the home game hero got lucky in Brazil. If you have never seen Brazilians celebrate, you gotta click Lopes' name and see what it looks like.

Mathias Maasberg (Germany)

SCOOP Main Event Low Winner

Making quads on the final hand of the SCOOP-Low Main Event was worth more than $267,000 to Mathias "Cashcid Linc" Maasberg, who also earned a $30,000 Platinum Pass for his efforts. "Feels good," he said of the PSPC. "Lots of variance, I'll just have fun."

Paul Allister Macneil (Canada)

Monthly Sunday Cashers All-In Shootout winner

Macneil cashed in a Sunday tournament in September to win his seat into an all-in shootout -- and then he won the shootout for his seat in the PSPC.

Tiago Magalhães (Brazil)

BSOP Sao Paulo Main Event winner

Tiago Magalhães came into the the BSOP Sao Paulo Main Event as an unknown. He left as its champion, and he had to beat three former champions at the final table to make it happen. What's more, part of his prize for winning was a chance to make his name at the PSPC on one of the world's biggest stages.

Anthony Maio (United States)

NJCOOP Moneymaker Special Tourney winner

Maio, playing as FlawlessBINK on PokerStars New Jersey, won his Platinum Pass in the $86 Moneymaker Special during NJCOOP 2018.

Mihai Manole (Romania)

Prague bubble

It was one one of those weird things that happen on the poker tour. Mihai Manole thought he was winning the very first Platinum Pass because he was the bubble boy of the Prague Main Event. Then he learned someone else was the bubble, too. Guess what? They both got Platinum Passes!

Nathan Manuel (United States)

Run It Up Reno Moneymaker Spectacular winner

Nathan Manuel's repeated close calls with a Platinum Pass finally came to an end when he topped the more than 800-player field at Run It Up Reno. Now Nathan, just a regular guy in the poker world, is going to take on the world at the PSPC.

Christian Martin (United Kingdom)

Fintan & Spraggy Platinum Pass Adventure winner

Playing as "chrism189," Martin was one of 73 players who earned a seat into the Fintan & Spraggy Platinum Pass Adventure freeroll. Then he outlasted them all, live on Twitch, to book his passage to the Bahamas.

Jim Antony Eliam Martinsson (Sweden)

December R&R Road To The Bahamas All-In Shootout winner

Martinsson, who enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, thinks that winning a Platinum Pass is one of the craziest things that could have happened to him -- he plays exclusively online and has never played a live event in his life. There's a first time for everything, though, and he's certainly picked the right tournament for his first one.

Kevin Mathers (United States)

Invited celebrity

Mathers, a longtime member of poker media and indispensable source of poker info on Twitter, was chosen by department heads at PokerStars to receive a Platinum Pass.

Jordan Matthews (Ireland)

#DonateWithDaniel Platinum Pass Adventure winner

Jordan went above and beyond the #DonateWithDaniel requirements -- he'll be playing for not one but two charities at the PSPC, giving away 100 percent of any money he wins.

John McCarthy (United Kingdom)

PS School Freeroll Final winner

McCarthy, a film buff and father of three, only signed up for PS School a few months ago, and since the latest of those three kids is a newborn he hasn't had much time to study lately. But with a Platinum Pass in hand, he's ready to "go back to school" and play some live events to prepare for the PSPC.

Sven McDermott (Ireland)

Twitch Promo winner

Sven McDermott was planning to make the World Series of Poker his big event for the next year. Now, that plan is off as he's going to the PSPC to represent Ireland and try to win himself a boatload of cash.

Joshua McLaggan (Scotland)

#PASScode promotion winner

After weeks and weeks of planning, devising, and coding, PokerStars Blog's "near impossible" #PASScode competition was cracked in a couple of hours by a young Maths student in Glasgow. "I've always loved problem solving puzzles like this one, and while at school I actually competed in some problem solving competitions," McLaggan told us after he was named the winner. In his own words, he'll need to "10x my poker skill somehow, as I'll really need it."

Ignatius Meng (Singapore)

Manila Megastack Main Event

44-year-old Ignatius Meng won ₱3.9M in the largest and richest Megastack in PokerStars LIVE Manila history to book his trip to the 2019 PSPC.

Vasile Inout Merisescu (Romania)

Seminole Hard Rock Summer Freeroll winner

Vasile was visiting his mother in Florida this summer and spent some time at the Seminole Hard Rock cash game tables. He accumulated enough hours to play in a freeroll that awarded a Platinum Pass, so he changed his flight -- and then he went and won the thing. Not bad for a guy who previously had never cashed in a tournament in his life!

Guillaume Merlinge (France)

Sanremo Megastack Winner

Guillaume Merlinge was so excited after he won his Platinum Pass, he barely knew where he was. That's not surprising for a guy who started Day 2 with only five big blinds and almost didn't show up!

Paul Michaelis (Germany)

EPT Prague National winner

Michaelis, a 27-year old German originally from Berlin and now based in Vienna, more than doubled his career earnings when he won the EPT Prague Main Event (and a Platinum Pass) in December. With all the big money on the line at the PSPC, his total earnings could shoot even higher in January.

Ronald Mici (United States)

Moneymaker PSPC Tour Foxwoods Casino winner

Mici, who hails from the Bronx, works by day on the janitorial team at the World Trade Center. He wasn't even going to play in the Moneymaker Tour event. His poker crew convinced him otherwise and now he owns a Platinum Pass.

Stepan Mikhno (Russia)

EPT Open Sochi - Event #1 Flip Out winner

Mikhno earned his Platinum Pass at the EPT Open Sochi, outflipping the rest of the Event #1 field in a Flipout tournament.

Paulo Milani (Brazil)

BSOP Florianopolis All-In Or Fold Tournament winner

Milani won his Platinum Pass in an all-in-or-fold tourney for BSOP Florianopolis qualifiers.

Darren Millar (Ireland)

Mammoth Dublin Main Event

Millar defeated a field of 1,410 players in the Mammoth Dublin Main Event and turned €100 into €14,970 plus a trip to the Bahamas to play in the PSPC.

Samuel Gonzalez Mohino Gomez (Spain)

ES/FR ICE Challenge All-In Shootout winner

Victory in an ICE Challenge all-in shootout gave Mohino Gomez a free trip to the Bahamas for the PSPC.

Alexander Moiseev

SCOOP All-In Shootout winner

Alexander Moiseev was selected from SCOOP 2018 participants to play in an all-in shootout for a Platinum Pass. He hit the bullseye and booked his trip to the Bahamas. "In shock, joyful," he said when asked how he felt about the win. "It was completely unexpected."

Jahngir (John) Mokhtari (United States)

Moneymaker PSPC Tour Lucky Chances winner

When Mokhtari learned to play poker in his homeland of Iran in 1956, they played it French-style, with some of the cards removed. "If we had more than five or six players, we'd put the sixes back in." He removed the field at the Lucky Chances stop of the Moneymaker Tour and now he's going to play Bahamas-style.

Dwyer Tobin Monaghan (Ireland)

PokerStars Live Qualifier All-In Shootout

Monaghan, a 21-year-old student of commerce who plays online as Azkabanter, entered a qualifier for a live event. That earned him a spot in an all-in shootout, and winning that earned him a Platinum Pass. This will be his first tournament outside of Ireland.

Boris Mondrus (Israel)

EPT Prague National winner

Mondrus had never played a PokerStars Live event before winning the EPT Prague National. He'll play his second in as many months when he touches down in the Bahamas for the PSPC.

Miguel Montoya (Chile)

EPT Monte Carlo National Day 2 Draw

Miguel Montoya's taxi was late, so he was late to Day 2 of his EPT Monte Carlo National restart. He also missed the fact he won a Platinum Pass while his empty seat crushed a flipout tournament with 300 people in it. Oh, and he did it on his birthday.

Juan Ignacio Mosca (Argentina)

WCOOP Main Events FT Nations All-In Shootout winner

Mosca booked his trip to the PSPC in an all-in shootout during WCOOP 2018.

Jaime Muelas Orejon (Spain)

Webcast Promo-EPT Barcelona Live Stream .ES winner

Jaime was watching the EPT Barcelona live stream when he entered a freeroll for PokerStars.ES viewers. He won the thing and earned himself a Platinum Pass to the Bahamas.