2019 Platinum Pass winners (N-S)

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The PSPC Class of 2019 (N-S)

Marcelo Navarrete (Ecuador)

WCOOP ICE Challenges All-In Shootout winner

A chef and sommelier by trade, Navarrete was in shock at winning a Platinum Pass. "I was watching the whole all-in shootout and couldn't believe what happened," he said. "This is a dream come true, as much as a cliché it sounds."

Andrew Neeme (United States)

Selected influencer

Poker vlogger Andrew Neeme is one of the selected influencers chosen by Pokerstars to play in the PSPC.

Daniel Negreanu (Canada)

Invitational - Team Pro

Daniel Negreanu, PokerStars Team Pro and one of the winningest and best known players in poker, announced the PSPC at the PokerStars Championship Prague in December 2017. In January 2019, he'll be playing in it alongside scores of players who will be looking for the chance to meet him -- and then take his stack -- in the biggest tournament they've ever played.

Jussi Nevanlinna (Finland)

SCOOP Overall Leader Board Winner

Of the tens of thousands of players who participated in SCOOP 2018's hundreds of tournaments, nobody had more consistent results than Jussi "calvin7v" Nevanlinna.

Adrian Nica (Romania)

Winter Series Micro winner

Known As BadWolf1 on PokerStars, Adrian Nica thought he was running really good. He won the Winter Series Micro event. That came with a Platinum Pass. All good right? Well, it was until he was diagnosed with a collapsed lung! Hope you're recovering well, Adrian.

Victor Nicolato  (Brazil)

BSOP Sao Paulo Main Event winner

Eight years ago Victor Nicolato won the first live poker tournament he ever played. This year the wine aficionado won the BSOP Sao Paulo Main Event and earned a Platinum Pass along the way. "It's a dream," he said. "To win the Platinum Pass, get to know the Bahamas, and play with the best poker players is a unique opportunity, since I would never register to a $25K tournament."

Piotr Nurzynski (Poland)

EPT Barcelona Main Event Qualifiers Last Longer winner

Nurzynski qualified for a Platinum Pass when he won the EPT Barcelona Main Event, beating China's Haoxiang Wang heads-up for the title. But he'd also qualified as the winner of a Last Longer bet for Main Event qualifiers. End result: both he and Wang are headed to the Bahamas.

Tsolmon-Erdene Ochir (Mongolia)

APPT Manila Kickoff Event winner

Tsolmon-Erdene Ochir started playing poker a year and a half ago. Since then he's become a regular visitor to Manila for live poker tournaments. Now, after winning the APPT Manila Kickoff Event, he's a Platinum Pass owner. "I'm so happy to win my first tournament title, this is my biggest win ever and I can't express my feelings," he said afterward. "I will do my best in the PSPC."

Moiseev Igor Olegovich

Sunday Cashers All-In Shootout

Olegovich earned his Platinum Pass by topping an All-In Shootout for cashers in select Sunday tournaments during the month of May.

Felipe Olivieri (Argentina)

Selected Daily Tournaments monthly All-In Shootout winner

Olivieri plays regularly on PokerStars as "ultraviol3nt." He qualified for the August All-In Shootout for daily tournament players and then won it, booking his spot at the PSPC.

Nicolas Olmedo (Uruguay)

Bounty Builder Most KOs winner

Olmedo scored the most knockouts during the Bounty Builder series, giving him the chance to score a few more in January during the PSPC.

Pedro Padilha  (Brazil)

BSOP Brasilia Diamond Players Freeroll

Pedro Padilha was supposed to play a tournament of Brazil's top players. First prize was a Platinum Pass. He ended up winning his Pass before he made it that far, and he ended up having to say sorry to people for it.

Michael Page (United States)

NJSCOOP Main Event Winner (High)

Page won this year's NJSCOOP-High Main Event, beating more than 270 players to turn his $500 entry into $36,000 and a Platinum Pass.

Carlos Pal (Costa Rica)

Run It Up Reno Platinum Pass Freeroll winner

Pal won an online satellite to Run It Up Reno, which qualified him for a Platinum Pass freeroll. The other tournaments didn't yield any loot, but he conquered a tough field of 80+ in the freeroll to book his passage to the Bahamas.

Diego Palma (Chile)

APPT Korea Kickoff Winner

Palma traveled from Chile to Korea to win his Platinum Pass in the APPT Korea Kickoff Event. The next stop on his itinerary is the Bahamas for the 2019 PSPC.

Simeon Panov (Bulgaria)

Anniversary Casher Freeroll winner

"I've never imagined that one day I'll play such an event in a such an amazing place as the Bahamas," Simeon Panov said. Nevertheless, the 36-year-old from Bulgaria is on his way thanks to a freeroll win after cashing in both Sunday Million & Sunday Storm anniversary events.

Dariusz "Darek" Paszkiewicz (Poland)

EPT Barcelona Cup winner

In 40 years of playing poker, Paszkiewicz has won in home games with schoolmates, at EPT events in London and Barcelona, and at PokerStars during SCOOP. His EPT Barcelona Cup win will give him a chance to add "the PSPC in the Bahamas" to that list.

Atanas Pavlov  (Bulgaria)

London Series Main Event

Atanas Pavlov looked like he would be one of those many people who got within one tourney elimination of winning a Platinum Pass. He got heads up for one in London and missed out. So he came back 16 days later and closed the deal.

David Pereira (Germany)

Winter Series Low winner

David Jose Fino Pereira was one of the first people in 2018 to win his trip to the 2019 PSPC. He won the low buy-in version of the Winter Series Main Event. His first buy-in of 2019 won't be so small.

Rogério Pereira (Brazil)

BSOP Natal Qualifiers Tournament

At 45 years old, Rogério Pereira put on a celebration like you've never see when he, an amateur poker player from Sao Paulo, won an seat to an event he'd never considered he could play. Now he wants to make his own t-shirts for the PSPC!

Julien Perouse (Canada)

Turbo Series $1,055 winner

Julien Perouse won $396,217 in the Turbo Series Main Event. If you add the $30,000 value of the Platinum Pass he got with it, his total take would be $400,000. Add in the money he could make in the Bahamas and...well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Wellington Perreira (Brazil)

WCOOP Main Event Low winner

Playing as "wellingtowap," Perreira crushed the $55 Main Event for $192,036.92 -- the largest win of his career -- and booked himself a trip to the Bahamas in the process.

David Peters (USA)

PCA Wild Card winner

The PCA drawing for a wild card Platinum Pass winner could have gone to anyone who played a tournament there in 2018, so imagine the groans when the pass went to one of the world's top high rollers, David Peters. He began the year as the odds-on favorite for a PSPC win.

Vinicius Pinheiro (Brazil)

BSOP Millions Trophy Winners Invitational winner

Already a past BSOP Main Event winner, Pinheiro, who never plays poker anywhere but the BSOP, overcame a field of all this year's BSOP champions in a special invitational tournament to win his Platinum Pass.

Jose Pitarch Civera (Spain)

ICE Challenge .ES/.FR All-In Shootout winner

Pitarch Civera earned his Platinum Pass in an all-in shootout for French and Spanish participants in the ICE Challenge.

Alcioni Pollermann (Brazil)

BSOP Florianopolis Main Event winner

In addition to the nearly $67,000 he won as BSOP Florianopolis champion -- his second-largest cash to date -- Pollermann also earned himself $30,000 in value in the form of a Platinum Pass.

Nikolay Ponomarev  (UK)

London Megastack Winner

At one point, a blogger called Nikolay Ponomarev the unluckiest player in poker...which was funny because Ponomarev won an event the very next day. That win came with a Platinum Pass. The economist, originally from Russia but now living in London, is now taking his luck to the Bahamas.

Mindaugas Povilaitis (United Kingdom)

Stars Rewards Players Championship Giveaway

Don't think Stars Rewards can take you far? Povilaitis opened the chest to find a ticket into April's Stars Rewards PSPC freeroll and turned it into a Platinum Pass.

Jofrey Puaux (France)

Megastack Gujan-Mestras Main Event winner

21-year-old university student Jofrey Puaux topped more than 900 players to win the Main Event at Megastack Gujan-Mestras. His second live cash earned him a freeroll into the PSPC next January.

Nils Pudel (Germany)

PokerStars Live Qualifier All-In Shootout winner

When Pudel, a 26-year-old accountant from Hanover, gets to the Bahamas, he'll be looking to spin up a major prize from next to nothing. Playing in satellites for EPT Prague earned him a ticket to the all-in shootout he won to earn his Platinum Pass. He was multi-tabling at the time and didn't even notice that he'd won the final hand of the shootout with 4-2 offsuit for half an hour.

Christopher Putz (Germany)

PSF Lille Cup winner

A 21-year old law student, Putz got involved with poker a year ago because of his e-sports background and interest in strategy games. PSF Lille was his first PokerStars Live event and he made the most of it, earning himself a PSPC freeroll along with his win.

Hilario Quijada (Argentina)

BSOP Iguazu Main Event winner

The 72-year-old Quijada, a SCOOP winner and long-time LAPT presence, is heading to the Bahamas on a package for the second time in three years: his Main Event win at BSOP Iguazu earned him a Platinum Pass.

Harry Rafikovich

Stars Rewards Players Championship Giveaway

Harry Rafikovich got lucky two times to win his Platinum Pass. At 33 years old, the builder of swimming pools and jacuzzis managed to get lucky and win a Stars Rewards giveaway to the PSPC. As for the other lucky...you'll have to read the story.

Mirko Raid (Estonia)

October R&R Road To The Bahamas All-In Shootout winner

Raid, an Estonian living in Sweden who loves disc golf and billiards, won a Platinum Pass by topping an all-in shootout for participants in the October R&R Road To The Bahamas promotion. "I would not have believed that I could attend this festival in my entire life," he said.

Jonas Ramanauskas (Lithuania)

Stars Rewards .ES/.FR Giveaway winner

Ramanauskas, who works as a casino croupier, earned his Platinum Pass in what might be the sweetest way possible: a Stars Rewards giveaway. He won a 9-man SnG and then defeated 4,200 other players who did the same.

Sharad Rao (India)

.IN Diwali Rush PSPC Freeroll winner

A cash game grinder most of the time, Rao is probably going to spend the next couple of months brushing up on his tournament knowledge after winning a Platinum Pass during the PokerStars.IN Diwali Rush.

Karim Rebei (France)

PokerStars London Series Megastack winner

Rebei conquered a field of 736 players at the PokerStars London Series Megastack event to win £20,280 -- and the value-sweetening cherry on top of his delicious sundae was a $30,000 Platinum Pass.

Laala Mourad Redjouh (France)

.ES/.FR ICE Challenge All-In Shootout winner

Redjouh earned a Platinum Pass by conquering an All-In Shootout just for ICE Challenge participants in Spain and France.

Andres "Andy" Risquez (United States)

Moneymaker PSPC Tour - Seminole Hard Rock winner

Risquez might have the best story of any Platinum Pass winner so far: he beat the Moneymaker Tour's namesake heads-up in Florida to earn his seat in the Bahamas.

Marc Richelieu Rivera (Philippines)

APPT Manila National Main Event winner

Rivera wanted to travel to the Bahamas for the PSPC after his friends Lester Edoc and Mike Takayama won their Platinum Passes. Mission accomplished: winning the APPT Manila National Main Event earned Rivera, who's been playing poker for 12 years, a Platinum Pass of his own.

Michael Robionek (Germany)

Human Lie Detector Freeroll winner

After spotting bluffs with enough frequency to qualify, Robionek won the freeroll for participants in Daniel Negreanu's Human Lie Detector promotion -- and with it a Platinum Pass.

Gonzalo Robles (Argentina)

FRESH Series Main Event Winner

"I work a lot and this achievement is very emotional for me," Gonzalo Robles told us immediately after winning the FRESH Series Main Event. The full-time father of two kids also plays poker for a living. With any luck in the Bahamas, he'll be able to work a lot less.

Robson de Oliveira Rodrigues (Brazil)

Common Cents All-In Shootout winner

Robson Rodrigues played enough events during the Common Cents series to qualify for an all-in shootout -- and then he won that shootout, completing his parlay of just a few dollars into a Platinum Pass. "The adrenaline and euphoria is gradually lowering today," he said afterward. "Without a doubt it will be an incredible experience."

Ricardo Calle Rodriguez (Spain)

ICE Challenge .ES/.FR All-In Shootout winner

In November, Rodriguez conquered an all-in shootout comprised of participants in the ICE Challenge from France and Spain, earning himself a seat in the PSPC.

Aleksander Rudnicki (Poland)

ICE Challenge All-In Shootout winner

In October, Rudnicki conquered an all-in shootout comprised of participants in the ICE Challenge to win his seat in the PSPC.

Mitja Rudolf (Slovenia)

EPT Barcelona National Crazy Pineapple Hand Challenge winner

Already in his eighth year as a professional, Rudolf has won the Saturday Eliminator on Twitch.tv and an FCOOP Omaha event on PokerStars.FR. "Of course I feel very happy," he said of winning a Crazy Pineapple flipout for a Platinum Pass. "It's a nice chance to move up and increase my bankroll. "

Saulo Sabioni  (Brazil)

BSOP Natal winner

Saulo Sabioni did something no other person had done: he became the first to win a Brasil Series of Poker Main Event twice. The second time--only six months after his first--he won a Platinum Pass with his first place prize. What's next? The PSPC. That's what.

Antonio Saez Zamorano (Spain)

SECOOP Daily Leaderboard Winners Freeroll winner

To earn his Platinum Pass, Saez Zamorano conquered a special freeroll for players who finished atop the daily leaderboard at some point during the 2018 Southern European Championship of Online Poker.

Sumit Sapra  (India)

APPT Korea Day 2 Drawing

Sumit Sapra entered APPT Korea, and once he made Day 2, he ended up playing a Flip Out for a Platinum Pass. He had to make it through Randy Lew. He did just that, and that is how ended up on his way to the Bahamas.

Roman Saroka (Belarus)

PokerStars qualifier All-In Shootout winner

Roman Saroka wanted to playing a live PokerStars event, so he played a qualifier online like so many thousands of people before him. But he was the first to win a Platinum Pass because of it. Saroka won the monthly All-In Shootout thrown for satellite players.

Vagner Schroeder (Brazil)

André Akkari Inagame Ranking

The 21-year-old Schroeder started playing poker on his mobile phone two years ago. Now he's lined up a trip to the Bahamas for his first live PokerStars tournament. "It's like playing in the World Cup if I was a football player!" he said.

Michael Schulz (Germany)

PokerStars qualifier All-In Shootout winner

At some point in the month of February, Germany's Schulz decided to play an online qualifier for a live PokerStars event. That earned him an all-in shootout ticket which he entered and won. Will Germany continue its dominance in the world's biggest events?

Nikhil Segel (India)

Jaime Staples #MyUltimateSweat Platinum Pass Adventure winner

Segel, an architect and designer from New Delhi, was floored when Jaime Staples chose him as his #MyUltimateSweat Platinum Pass Adventure winner. "My life has changed forever," he said. "I am humbled and blown away."

Ilan Prosper Serruya (France)

.ES/.FR ICE Challenge All-In Shootout winner

Serruya earned a seat in the PSPC by conquering the field in an all-in shootout for ICE Challenge participants in Spain and France.

Arlie Shaban (Canada)

'12 Labours of Arlie' promo winner

Jeremy Hilsercop had already enjoyed one of the best Christmases of his life when his wife gifted him a package to the 2019 WSOP. Then Joe Ingram and Arlie Shaban got involved and things went from amazing to unbelievable. It was a special moment for everyone involved that completed Arlie's 12 Labours challenge, earning him a Platinum Pass.

Roman Shusta (Ukraine)

Poker in the Ears freeroll league winner

The Poker In The Ears freeroll league ran for eight weeks during the fall of this year. Shusta outlasted everyone who played in the league to earn a coveted Platinum Pass.

Andrejz Siemieniak (Poland)

Prague bubble

You might have heard of Mihai Manole, the man who bubbled Prague in December 2017. As it turned out, across the room Andrejz Tomasz Siemieniak was bubbling, too. So, instead of getting nothing, both got Platinum Passes. It turned out to be a pretty good deal.

João Pires Simão (Brazil)

High Roller Series All-In Shootout winner

Simão won his Platinum Pass in an all-in shootout for participants in the High Roller Series in December.

Sandhy Sitepu (Indonesia)

Macau Poker Cup National HK$25k Winner

Sandhy Sitepu will be heading to the Bahamas, and he's bringing his rail with him. The 30-year-old from Indonesia takes his vacations with a big group of friends, so you can expect them when Sitepu takes his first vacation of 2019.

Viktor Snigirev

PokerStars Daily Tournaments All-In Shootout winner

Viktor Snigirev was chosen from among daily tournament players in June to play in an all-in shootout for a Platinum Pass. Knocking out the rest of the competition there booked his trip to the Bahamas.

Kalidou Sow (France)

London Festival Main Event winner

Despite how many big tournaments your will find him in around the world, Kalidou Sow, 37, considers himself a recreational player. While that's true--he runs a consulting business out of his home in France--don't let your guard down. Sow won two PokerStars tournaments back-to-back on his road to winning his Platinum Pass.

Michael Soyza  (Malaysia)

APPT Korea Winner

Michael Soyza says he avoided selling a body part to pay for his $25,000 ticket to the PSPC. No, we don't think he was serious. But we don't know...and that has us very intrigued about seeing him again in the Bahamas...hopefully all in on piece.

Gianluca Speranza (Italy)

SCOOP Main Event High Winner

Gianluca Speranza won the SCOOP-High Main Event playing as "Tankanza," earning a Platinum Pass to go with his $1.1 million prize.

Simone Speranza (Italy)

IPO Campione Main Event Last Longer

Speranza, who plays online as spera91, busted more than half the final table at the IPO Campione Main Event to win €150,000. That wasn't all, though -- topping the field also won him the IPO Campione last longer bet and a Platinum Pass.

Nikishin Stepan

EPT Sochi webcast

Talk about turning nothing into something -- Stepan earned his Platinum Pass during the EPT Sochi webcast.

Tomas Steponavicius (Lithuania)

ICE Challenge All-In Shootout winner

Steponavicius earned his Platinum Pass after dodging all the obstacles in an all-in shootout for ICE Challenge participants.

Vadym Storozhev (Ukraine)

Russian School Platinum Pass Freeroll winner

It's been a whirlwind for Storozhev. One month he became a father for the first time. The next he won a freeroll for a Platinum Pass. He attributes it all to his daughter: "It is from her that there is a crazy charge of positive energy."

Denis Aleksandrovich Strebkov

WCOOP Overall Leader Board winner

Strebkov, who crushes MTTs as "aDrENalin710" on PokerStars, topped the WCOOP 2018 overall leaderboard to earn his Platinum Pass.

Angel Luis Barroso Suizo (Spain)

.ES/.FR December's R&R Road to Bahamas All-In Shootout winner

Suizo earned his Platinum Pass in December in an all-in shootout for participants in the R&R Road to the Bahamas promotion.

Anton Sulimka (Ukraine)

Anniversary Casher Freeroll winner

Twenty-nine-year-old Anton Sulimka is getting ready to play the biggest tournament of his life. To make it happen, he had to cash in both Anniversary Editions of the Sunday Million and Sunday Storm. He did just that, got into a freeroll for it, and won his Platinum Pass.

Ray Suppe (Mexico)

Moneymaker PSPC Tour - WinStar Casino winner

After getting aces cracked by jacks on his first bullet and the flopped nut flush cracked by a rivered full house on his second, Suppe's third bullet fired true: he ran over the final table at the WinStar Casino's Moneymaker PSPC Tour event, then dodged a few unlucky breaks heads-up to walk away with the Platinum Pass. He's looking forward to bringing his wife back to the Atlantis next January.

Mikolaj Syp (Poland)

PokerStars TV live stream winner

"My excitement has given way to terror. Up until last week, I've never set foot in a casino!" he said with a laugh. Wait, what? Yeah, this guy is calling himself the "biggest underdog in the history of sports!"

Sergii Syvoraksha (Ukraine)

Truth or Bluff Promo winner

Sergii Syvoraksha wasn't the best player at PokerStars recent Truth or Bluff game, but he was good enough to get a seat in a freeroll and come back from a massive chip deficit to win a Platinum Pass!