2019 Platinum Pass winners (T-Z)

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The PSPC Class of 2019 (T-Z)

Mike Takayama (Philippines)

Manila Super Series winner

Mike Takayama was heads up for a Platinum Pass in Macau...and missed his shot. Two weeks later, he created an unlikely second chance for himself, and this time he didn't miss.

Vlad Tatu (Romania)

PSPC Online Satellite winner

Tatu, a 23-year-old Romanian, won his Platinum Pass in an online satellite at PokerStars.

Paul Tedeschi  (France)

EPT Monte Carlo Day 2 flipout

It was a wild and wooly start to Day 2 of EPT Monte Carlo as the field flipped out. It's a crazy way to award a Platinum Pass, but that's how Paul Tedeschi scored his trip to the Bahamas.

Natalie Teh Siew Po (Malaysia)

Liv Boeree & Igor Kurganov #NextGreatPokerBrain Platinum Pass Adventure winner

Teh outworked a lot of smart people to make it to the final round of the LivGor quiz. Once there she kept up her strong performance, scoring a seat in the PSPC in the process.

Andrey Andreevich Terekhov

Stars Rewards Players Championship Giveaway

Andrey Terekhov works, raises two kids, and plays online poker in his spare time. "I still cannot believe I've won this package," he said of finding a Platinum Pass freeroll ticket in his Stars Rewards chest and then winning the tournament. "It's a dream come true."

TGM#21406 (United Kingdom)

Turbo Series All In Shootout winner

After the Turbo Series wrapped up, its players got at a shot at an all-in shootout. TGM#21406 came out the winner, and will be playing for millions as a result.

Gary Thompson (Ireland)

APPT Manila Saturday SuperStack winner

After leaving the casino following his APPT Manila Main Event bust the traffic was too bad so Gary Thompson turned around and registered to play the Saturday SuperStack. Good decision -- he earned his biggest live cash ever and a Platinum Pass to go with it.

Leonid Timonin (Russia)

EPT Sochi Flip Out winner

We're really excited to introduce you to Leonid Timonin and tell you all about his poker prowess, but we can't stop watching the video of him solving a Rubik's Cube is less time that it takes most people say Rubik's Cube. Is this guy serious?!

Maxime Dominique Frederic Arthur Toulet-Settembre (France)

Webcast Promo-EPT Barcelona Live Stream .FR winner

Yes, that's his real full name. Toulet-Settembre was watching the EPT Barcelona live stream when he entered a freeroll for PokerStars.FR viewers. He won the thing and earned himself a Platinum Pass to the Bahamas.

Kenny Tran (United States)

Moneymaker PSPC Tour -- Gardens PokerStars Challenge winner

Tran, who won a WSOP bracelet in heads-up NLHE back in 2008, topped the field at the Moneymaker PSPC Tour event at Gardens Casino in California to earn his Platinum Pass.

trevis369 (Canada)

PokerStars Daily Tournaments All-In Shootout winner

Canada's trevis369 was one of thousands of players who played a select group of daily tournaments in the month of February. That earned him an entry into an all-in shootout, which he shots lights out for the Platinum Pass win.

Dragos Trofimov (Moldova)

PSF London High Roller Winner

Dragos Trofimov is on his way to play a $25,000 buy-in. It's going to be an eye opener for the man who said, "I mostly play tournaments online, anything up to $55, and on Sundays the Big $109 and the Sunday Million. I mostly try and stick to smaller stuff for now, but after this win who knows!"

TRIUMP100 (Spain)

FRESH Series

We're not quite sure who this guy is yet, but we know he's from Spain and won his ticket to the Bahamas by winning one of the freerolls for players in France and Spain. More to come!

Nitis Udornpim (Untied States)

Moneymaker Tour at Live! Casino winner

Udornpim made a deal with his Moneymaker Tour heads-up opponent: he gave up $2,200 and a beer, and Udornpim got the Platinum Pass.

Stijn Van Den Meersschaut (Belgium)

Selected Daily Tournaments All-In Shootout winner

Van Den Meersschaut cashed in a daily tournament during September. That booked him into an all-in shootout for a Platinum Pass, which he won to book his trip to the Bahamas.

Pyter van der Leij (Netherlands)

ICE Challenge All-In Shootout winner

van der Leij earned a seat in the PSPC by topping an all-in shootout for ICE Challenge participants.

Hubertus M G Verhoeven (Netherlands)

Selected Daily Tournaments monthly All-In Shootout winner

Verhoeven got a ticket to an all-in shootout after cashing in one of a number of selected daily tournaments in October. Topping that field earned the Dutchman a Platinum Pass.

Juan Antonio Ollero Vidal (Spain)

.ES/.FR SCOOP All-In Shootout

Just for playing a SCOOP event online as lilo613, Vidal won a freeroll ticket for a Platinum Pass -- and then won that freeroll, too, to book the trip of a lifetime.

Toin Voncken (Netherlands)

Monte-Carlo Webstream

Voncken took down a freeroll during the EPT Monte Carlo webstream in May to earn a Platinum Pass.

Luke Vrabel (United States)

Foxwoods World Poker Finals winner

Vrabel has been cashing in live tournaments for more than a decade. His first win of 2018 came at Foxwoods, where he won a $250 PSPC satellite to secure his seat in the Bahamas next January.

Sean Waloszczyk (Canada)

Monthly Sunday Cashers AISO

"This will be a historical moment in poker history, giving amateurs a chance to compete against professionals in such a crazy format," Sean Waloszczyk said. The 32-year-old Canadian who plays as 'newsworthy1' on PokerStars is now looking to make some news of his own.

Haoxiang Wang (China)

EPT Barcelona Main Event runner-up

Piotr Nurzynski qualified for a Platinum Pass when he won the EPT Barcelona Main Event, beating China's Haoxiang Wang heads-up for the title. But he'd also qualified as the winner of a Last Longer bet for Main Event qualifiers. End result: both he and Wang earned Platinum Passes to book their seats in the Bahamas.

Phua Tzai Wei (Singapore)

APPT Manila Megastack winner

Wei played with a short stack for almost the entire tournament before hitting a run at the final table to win the APPT Manila Megastack -- and with it a Platinum Pass. "After I won I didn't know how to react," he said. "It's so surreal I couldn't believe it, I'm at a loss for words."

Brandon Welter (United States)

MSPT Canterbury Park promotion winner

The 24-year-old Welter spends his days working as an actuary in Minneapolis. "It feels awesome to win a trip to the PSPC," he said. "I'm excited to escape the cold for a bit and spend some time down in the Bahamas."

Maik Wenzel (Germany)

Webcast Promo-EPT Barcelona Live Stream .COM winner

Wenzel was sitting at home in early September, watching the EPT Barcelona live stream, and entered a freeroll for viewers. He won the thing and earned himself a Platinum Pass to the Bahamas.

Arthur White (United States)

Moneymaker PSPC Tour Mohegan Sun winner

After 10 hours of play on the final day, semi-pro volleyball player White spiked the field at the Moneymaker PSPC Tour's Mohegan Sun to earn his Platinum Pass .

Roman Wieczorek (Germany)

Megastack Namur Main Event winner

Wieczorek, a hairdresser by trade, defeated a field of 1,925 players to win the Main Event at Megastack Namur in late September. He says only played the tournament because of the Platinum Pass up for grabs -- good decision!

Karol Wojciechowski (Poland)

Megastack Dublin Main Event winner

Karol Wojciechowski had plenty of reason to be excited when he won the Megastack Dublin Main Event for €19,940, three times more than his previous best result. Now he owns a Platinum Pass and has the chance to do the same thing on a much larger stage at the PSPC.

Lin Wu (Taiwan )

APPT Macau Main Event Winner

Lin Wu is a gamer. Literally. Prior to winning the APPT Macau Main Event, the guy was a big money World of Warcraft player. Now he's taking his battle-ready brain to the Bahamas. He says he needs practice before he gets there...practice on his English!

Jian Yang (China)

Selected Asia Influencer partner

Jian Yang is one of the selected influencers from Asia chosen by Pokerstars to play in the PSPC.

Alvan Zheng (China)

MPC Red Dragon winner

Alvan Zhang says winning the Red Dragon and the Platinum Pass were the best things that have happened in his poker career. He learned poker while studying in the UK and is now a quantity surveyor in China.

Alice Zheng (United States)

LIPS National Championship final table draw winner

Alice Zheng learned to play poker by "accident" three years ago. She made the final of the LIPS National Championship on purpose, though, and now she's going to test her mettle in the PSPC.

Markus Ziegler (Germany)

Felix Schneiders Bro Battle Platinum Pass Adventure winner

Ziegler earned his ticket to the PSPC after outlasting the hand-picked field in a Platinum Pass Adventure designed by Team Pro Felix Schneiders -- the "Bro Battle."