Kristian "kristiandali" Høeg on his High Roller Club victory, the "golden roll", and how he improved his game in 2018

Having worked in the aviation industry for seven years, Denmark's Kristian "kristiandali" Høeg decided to spend more time working on his poker game throughout 2018. The results speak for themselves.

Høeg took down the High Roller Club's $530 Daily Supersonic last week for $14,973, so it felt like the right time to find out a bit more about him.

PokerStars Blog: How did it feel to take down a High Roller club title like the $530 Supersonic? 

Høeg: "It felt great! I have never won a tournament with such a high buy-in before. I normally play $22-$215 tournaments, and usually I try to qualify for the $530s. I have played the Supersonic a couple of times before, and one time I managed to reach fourth place. But winning it was something else."

PS BLOG: Were there any key hands that you remember on your way to the win?

Høeg: "Not really. Obviously there were a few lucky spots that helped me reach first place."

PS BLOG: Is this the biggest win of your poker career? If not, what was? 

Høeg: "Close. I finished second last year in the $215 Fat Thursday which brought in around $16K. Although to me, my biggest achievement in online poker was back in July 2018 when I won the $215 Bounty Builder two times within the same week. I was on a golden roll that week!"

PS BLOG: Speaking of 2018, your tournament results seemed to take a huge leap last year. What made 2018 so good for you?

Høeg: "I started taking poker more seriously and started studying poker more and more. I learned a lot from poker forums, online pro's Twitch channels (especially Lex Veldhuis and Parker "Tonkaaaa" Talbot), YouTube videos etc. and of course reviewing my own play and hand histories. 

"What made the big difference for me was deciding to only focus on one aspect of the game (multi-table tournaments) and dedicating two to three evenings a week to play poker."

PS BLOG: What are your favourite tournaments to play?

Høeg: "I prefer playing the 'hots' and other turbo events, plus Bounty Builders as I really like the structure in these tournaments."

PS BLOG: Are you a professional player, or do you have another career?

Høeg: "I don't play poker professionally, but it is my favourite hobby. I've been working in the aviation industry, primarily within sales and planning, for about seven years now.

"I live in Denmark with my girlfriend and work nearly 30 kilometres from where I live. In my free time I play poker, hang with the lads, and I like to travel a lot."

PS BLOG: Can you tell us about how you first got into poker and your journey so far?

Høeg: "I started playing poker with a friend about 10 years ago and began playing live tournaments worth $20-$33 in my local poker club. We then began playing online poker and were playing anything from $1 to $33 tournaments, sit and gos, and cash games. It costed both of us a lot of money back then as we were really caught by the game but didn't really understand it."

PS BLOG: What does the Supersonic win mean for you going forward?

Høeg: "Winning this event will not change the game or the tournaments I play. I feel comfortable in the $22-$215 range and won't really consider playing bigger events on a regularly basis because of one good win. I try to qualify for the bigger events now and then, and did once, but so far without any cashes."

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Jack Stanton
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