Tweet your #PokerInTheEars questions for Billions and Rounders scribe Brian Koppelman

Brian Koppelman is all set to join James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton on this week's episode of Poker In The Ears. And the boys want to hear your questions for the man who brought Chuck Rhoades and Bobby Axelrod to life. To say nothing of Mike McDermott and Teddy KGB.

There's probably nobody in Hollywood history who has taken more poker projects to the screen than Koppelman. Besides co-writing the 1998 cult classic film Rounders, Koppelman also created ESPN's 2005 series Tilt and wrote the 2013 online poker thriller Runner Runner.

Maybe you have a burning question about Billions. Maybe you're curious about a Hollywood screenwriter's process. Or perhaps you want to see if you can buy the rights to Rounders 2. Whatever your question, Hartigan and Stapes are ready to be your conduit. All you need to do is post your query on Twitter with the hashtag #PokerInTheEars. The boys will choose some of your questions and pose them to the man himself when they chat mid-week.

The Brian Koppelman episode is set to record this Wednesday, so get tweeting before then. And while you wait for the episode to drop on Thursday, check out Poker In The Ears on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Spotify.

Jason Kirk
@PokerStarsBlog in News