EPT12 Barcelona: News flash - Neymar no more in €25K

If you've been following coverage of the single-day €25K High Roller, you may have heard mention here and there and, well, just about everywhere.

Most recently we shared news of Neymar delivering a series of headers to successive opponents, scoring several knockouts and collecting enough chips to enjoy the lead for a short period.

But like he does on the pitch, Neymar was constantly moving thereafter, and ultimately started to lose back the chips he'd gained earlier. He managed somehow to avoid losing the last of them in a two-pair-versus-set situation against Tobias Reinkemeier.

But he wasn't so fortunate after flopping a king-high flush in a multi-way hand, then getting his stack in only to see Jeff Rossiter's flush was ace-high.

The news of Neymar's elimination spread quickly -- indeed, you may have heard about it already. We caught Paul Newey at a neighboring table, who incredibly appeared to be reading all about Neymar's bustout hand in the early evening edition.


The news reaches Newey

It sounds like Neymar's Barcelona FC teammate, Gerard Piqué, has just been eliminated as well, meaning he'll be the one enjoying last-longer boasting between the two. Meanwhile the Neymar news continues to circulate, with word of his intention to play the €2K NL Turbo starting in a short while.

We trust there will be some report about it if he does.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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