EPT12 Barcelona: Neymar: Eats steak, and talks


Neymar at the table

"All Neymar. All of the time."

That's the new PokerStars Blog motto as we get ourselves overexcited about the arrival to the live tournament poker scene of this footballing genius. In case you hadn't noticed, Neymar is in the house today.

Sergio Prado, our correspondent from our samba-dancing, Sugarloaf-climbing, World Cup-winning, bikini-line-waxing Brazilian sister-blog managed to catch a few words with Neymar during the first break in play today. The global megastar happily gave up his time -- and Neymar also didn't seem to mind. (He was eating steak and pasta, just for the record, so the conversation was food-interrupted.)

"It's been an amazing experience, my first international tournament," Neymar said. "I'm really happy, really glad to be here. I had a lot of help from the two best players in Brazil, Felipe (Ramos) and André (Akkari), they are helping me a lot. I'm really happy to be here. I'd really like to thank PokerStars for this opportunity."

And there you have it. With that, Neymar was back to the tables, where he has already caught Steve O'Dwyer on a bluff, and has one of the biggest stacks at his table.


Steve O'Dwyer: Bad Neymar

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in Neymar Jr