EPT12 Barcelona: Paella and poker in the late night report

We report back tonight following a late dinner at one of the many restaurants in nearby Barceloneta, a neighborhood in the city's Ciutat Vella district.

It's a warm night with lots of activity on the beaches, even at this late hour, and the walk to and from the restaurant was most pleasant. What did we have? Paella, of course, the national dish, a delicious jumble of seafood and rice and spices.

Before signing off from our reporting this evening, we're serving up to you a mix of updates from the various side events in action today. If you recall, while the Main Event pushed forward through Day 2, no less than seven different tournaments got started today (not counting an eighth one -- a satellite). So let's ladle some small portions of each.

Way back at 12 noon a €500K NL Turbo (Event #40) started the day-long feast, with 251 players enjoying a midday meal of fast-paced poker and Neymar Jr among them.

The top 31 finishers shared a €121,735 prize pool, with the Czech Republic's Vitek Pesta taking the largest helping of €25,750 and the winner's trophy.

EPT_Barcelona-867_Winner Event40 500 NL Turbo_Vitek Pesta.jpg

Vitek Pesta

A €5K eight-handed PLO (Event #41) started shortly after that one, and at the moment they're down to a final table there with 74 players having worked their way down to the final four. Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer took eighth in that one. Meanwhile those remaining are vying for a handsome €98,700 dish up top.

There was a €500 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo (Event #42) that drew 66 players for a €32,010 prize pool that's still in progress. Same goes for Day 1 of the two-day €2K NL (Event #43) that drew 510 players to create a big €989,400 prize pool to be divided by the top 71 finishers.

The field for that €2K included lots of players who routinely dine at the cashier's tables here at the EPT, including at least 13 former EPT champions in Anton Wigg, Salvatore Bonavena, Christophe Benzimra, Max Lykov, Tom Middleton, Kevin MacPhee, Michael Tureniec, Antonio Matias, Dominik Panka, Ognyan Dimov, Nicolas Chouity, Kevin Stani, and Jannick Wrang.

Jack Salter, Pierre Neuville, Pablo Gordillo, Ole Schemion, Dominik Nitsche, Max Silver, and Ihar Soika were part of that field, too, along with Marc-Andre Ladouceur of Team PokerStars Pro Online.

Marc Andre Ladouceur-EPT-Barcelona--3602.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Online member Marc-Andre Ladouceur

The other three events are all still in action as well, with the dessert of a final table and a winner still to come.

The €500 PLO Turbo (Event #44) drew 79 players for a €38,315 prize pool and €10,530 first prize. Pieter de Korver, Billy Chattaway, and Amos Ben were among those participating in that one.

Another €200 NL Turbo (Event #45) a little after that one, drawing a huge field of 624 players, more than half of which are still playing. There's a €121,056 prize pool with €23,170 up top, with Elisabeth Hille and Madis Muur among those participating. Neymar Jr took a seat in this one, too, for a few hours before being eliminated.

Neymar Jr-EPT-Barcelona--3739.jpg

Team PokerStars SportStar Neymar Jr

And for a nightcap, a €1K NL Hyperturbo (Event #46) is playing out, too, with 244 playing, a €236,680 prize pool, and €50,060 for the winner.

We'll be getting back to you with more from these events tomorrow, probably at some point after hitting the breakfast buffet. Meanwhile we hope today's EPT coverage satisfied your appetite for now, and we'll see you back tomorrow for yet another serving.


Buenos noches!

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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