Neymar Jr goes royal in Spain

We knew Neymar Jr was football royalty, but we didn't know he was ready for another crown.

As you might have heard, there are a lot of poker players in Barcelona this week. The PokerStars Blog has already been reporting for the better part of the last week as the EPT and Estrellas tours shoot down records like a drunken skeet-shooting party.

Among those players hanging out in Barcelona is none other than Neymar Jr, and apparently he's been spending some time playing on the Spanish version of PokerStars while he is there. Oh, and he's doing pretty well. (You can play on PokerStars, too. Click here to get an account.)


As you might know, Neymar has a pretty popular Instagram account. You know, if you consider 30 million followers "popular."

Yesterday, Neymar Jr snapped a picture of his computer screen, and, oh mama...that's a royal flush.


Our team on the ground in Barcelona did a little digging to confirm some of the details. Turns out, the hand comes from a €20 rebuy tourney. According to those people in the know, last week, Neymar Jr played the same tournament and hit the final table. Excited about the moment, he entered again over the weekend, made the final table again and finished in sixth place.

If Forbes magazine is correct, Neymar is set to earn as many dollars as he has Instagram followers this year, but when it comes to good clean entertainment, a €20 tourney is enough for one of football's crown princes.

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