WSOP 2015: Now THAT is a railbird

Brazil's Felipe Ramos is a rock star. There's just no two ways about it. To watch him move through his home country is nothing short of amazing. The last time we were there, Ramos had his driver ferry us about through Sao Paulo on late-night rides to some of the most spectacular places you can imagine. He did it because he's a good man. He did it because he's proud of his country. He did it because he's a rock star.

The man they call Mojave is among Brazil's most popular poker personalities, and his progress through the Main Event field on Day 5 promises to make him an even bigger star. With 158 players left, Ramos is still alive and sitting under the TV lights at a featured table in the Amazon Room.

All of that would be enough to warrant a story here, but Ramos decided to take it a little farther with the quality of his rail.

Neymar sweating Felipe Ramos_2015 World Series of Poker_EV68_Day5_FU8_7424.jpg

That, in case you know nothing about the professional soccer world, is Neymar Jr, one of the most famous soccer players on the planet. He stopped by the Amazon Room today just to cheer on Ramos. That, friends, is just how big of a deal Ramos is. He has world superstars coming to tell him good luck.

Ramos is not only friends with Neymar Jr. He's also been serving as the soccer star's poker coach. You might recall, Neymar Jr came on a PokerStars ambassador a couple of months back. He's planning on being at EPT Barcelona, and you have a chance to meet him there (details on that are right here).

For, now, though Neymar is rooting for Ramos as the WSOP winds its way toward Day 6, one superstar rooting for another on the way to one of the world's biggest titles.

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