Help Rafa winners sets sights for Spain

rafa-nadal.PNGSergey "Flat Noise" Martynenko is a happy husband, father, and researcher. Poker is a hobby, one he expected to give him a little enjoyment now and then. He only started playing two years ago. Now, after winning the "Help Rafa" campaign, Martynenko is less than two weeks from traveling to Barcelona, Spain to compete on one of the world's biggest poker stages.

As you might have seen, PokerStars solicited help from its players as it welcomed tennis legend Rafa Nadal to the stable of PokerStars ambassadors. Hundreds of people submitted videos offering Rafa advice. Martynenko's video won, and PokerStars awarded him a full package to the Season 9 kickoff of the EPT in Barcelona.

Martynenko says he is already buckling down and preparing for his trip to Spain. What's more, he's honored to have had his suggestions passed on to Nadal.

"I hope he remembers my advice when faced with his first bad beat," Martynenko said.


Sergey "Flat Noise" Martynenko

If you happen to speak Martynenko's Russian and want to see the full interview with the winner, check out the profile on the Russian PokerStars Blog.

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