PokerStars SportStar Rafa Nadal launches global campaign today

rafa-nadal.PNGRafa Nadal, no, make that Team PokerStars SportStar Rafa Nadal, will today be coming to a TV screen near you. Or an outside video billboard. Or an online monitor or laptop screen. Like this one, in fact. That's right, just scroll down and you'll be able to find Rafa's death defying walk* through the streets of Barcelona as he smashes the opposition while playing PokerStars Mobile.

The campaign starts today broadcasting Rafa, a truly global star, into households around the world bringing poker to many people's attention for the very first time. The 11-time Grand Slam champion may not be a world beater at poker yet but he's certainly got the right attitude (and we know he's getting plenty of tuition).

"My friends know I'm naturally competitive, which has served me well in my tennis career, I'm hoping some of the skills I've developed on the court will help me improve my poker game," said Rafa.

*Well, he's not watching where he's walking.

rafa_hotel lobby.jpg

Rafa Nadal taking on PokerStars Mobile

"We are competition everywhere"
The king of clay is a fine addition to the PokerStars family with his playing traits encapsulating the aggressive, competitive, yet ultimately gracious and sporting, attributes that make the very best poker players.

And, as pointed out by Alex Payne, Chief Marketing Officer of PokerStars, it's certainly good for the game: "Rafa is a highly competitive athlete, a strategic player and known for his integrity both on and off the court. These qualities make him an ideal ambassador for PokerStars and a compelling spokesperson for the game. Rafa's endorsement helps correct some of the misperceptions of the game, and emphasizes the great mix of entertainment and skill in poker when played responsibly."

mobile poker_rafa.jpg

"We are competition everywhere"

You can expect to see plenty more Rafa news in the coming weeks which can be found quickly and easily here at the PokerStars SportStar Rafa Nadal homepage. All the videos, news, tennis updates and Rafa Twitter you can handle.

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