Rafa Nadal served up his first hand

rafa-nadal.PNGTennis superstar Rafa Nadal has had his first poker lesson and, well, it didn't exactly work out as well for him as it does on the court. He may be a beast with a racket in his hand but the newest addition to Team PokerStars SportStar might need some help if he's to make the transition from 'The King of Clay' to 'The King of Baize' - and you just might be the person for the job.

While Rafa's $50m in career prize money would instantly put him at the top of the all time money list in poker, he's going to need some more tuition before he starts taking down sit-and-gos, let alone scoring triple crowns, if the video (below) of his first foray into the poker world is anything to go by.

Rafa's first hand

Everyone that submits a Help Rafa video gets free entry into the MicroMillions II main event, worth $22. Should you provide the video that impresses Nadal the most then you'll pick up a free tennis ball a European Poker Tour prize package, which includes entry into the €5,300 Main Event (August 19-25), eight nights at a 4-star hotel as well as €1,500 for expenses. On top of that, the winner and the top five runners-up will get a PokerStars chip set signed by Rafa himself. Click through to the PokerStars Help Rafa page to find details of how to enter. It's easy, fun and could see you jetting off to Barcelona next month.


Will Rafa Nadal pick your video?

Check out some of the best opposition at Rafa's PokerStars.tv page and see if you think you can serve up better.

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