Rafa falls in Monte Carlo

Forty-six. It's a winning streak so long, it would be a wonder if anyone ever broke the record. That was how many consecutive victories Rafael Nadal had at the Monte Carlo Masters. That was also, unfortunately, where it ended for Rafa today.

Though the King of Clay was poised to win his ninth consecutive Monte Carlo Masters, he fell in two sets to Novak Djokovic in the finals this afternoon.


The Monte Carlo Masters has long been Nadal's event. It's the one he calls his favorite. There seemed to be one no one who could beat him there.

If there was anyone, it was going to be the top-ranked Djokovic, one of few who seem to have the ability to counter Rafa's clay court skill.

Rafa praised his opponent for the effort when it was all said and done. Now it's time for Nadal to look forward to his next match and the start of a new winning streak.

Congrats to Rafa on a great effort and an amazing run in Monte Carlo.

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