Rafa takes over No.1 ranking

In many minds, it was a foregone conclusion. In many minds, it was just a matter of formality. But now, it's official. Rafa Nadal has taken over the No. 1 world tennis ranking.

Heading into this weekend's ATP China Open, Rafa only needed to make it to the final match in order to take over Novak Djokovic's No. 1 ranking. Rafa did just that, putting yet another exclamation point on a comeback year for the tennis history books.


Rafa Nadal this weekend in China where he overtook the No. 1 world ranking

As everyone knows by now, the PokerStars ambassador spent the end of 2102 rehabbing a bad knee. Since his return at the beginning of this year, he has reached 12 finals and won ten titles. On the ATP tour, no one has a better resume than his current 65-4 match record.

"I am back at the No. 1, something that I really thought that I would never have the chance to be back there," Nadal told reporters.. "I'm playing one of the best seasons of my career, probably one of the more emotional years."

In a bit of irony, Djokovic took some revenge, besting Rafa in a two-set final in China. Nonetheless, it wasn't enough to keep Rafa from taking the No. 1 ranking. If anything, it further solidifies the on-going rivalry between the two fierce competitors.

"I have to say congratulations to Rafael because he deserves definitely to be number one of the world this year with the season that he has had," Djokovic said in an on-court interview after the match..

Congratulations, Rafa, on taking your rightful spot at the top.

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