Rafa wins in Mexico, puts past behind him

If you're at all a fan of tennis, you remember the past seven months. It was a time when one of the living legends of the game was conspicuously absent from the court. Rafael Nadal, the king of Clay, was injured and incapable of playing. He couldn't find a way to look like a man who had won eleven Grand Slam titles. His knee was simply not cooperating.

Forget all that.

This weekend, Rafa defeated David Ferrer 6-0 and 6-2 the Mexican Open final. Ferrer was the event's defending champion, but Rafa put him away with seemingly little effort.

''I would have never imagined playing at the level that I played today, I'm leaving happy and surprised," Rafa told reporters. ''Those seven months are in the past, hopefully forever. I played like that (injury) did not happen, but it did happen.''


As you might have seen, just two weeks ago Rafa scored his first victory since retuning from the injury. Last weekend, he took a break from the clay tournaments and played one on PokerStars.

Now, full of energy and feeling better than he has since last spring, Nadal is back on form and ready to put his knee to the test on the hard court.

Good luck in the coming weeks, Rafa, and congratulations on another victory.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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