Rafa sets sights on live tourney debut

It's no secret that tennis legend Rafa Nadal took up poker in 2012 and became a PokerStars ambassador. It's no secret that he got hurt and had to spend months in recovery. It's no secret he got better and has spent the past eight months racking up title after title.

What was a secret until just a few minutes ago?

Rafa is ready to play live poker.

Word is in today that Rafa is planning to show up and play a special charity poker event at the EPT Prague festival.


Rafa in a different kind of training

Back in January, Rafa won his first poker tournament. Now, Rafa is looking to put his live poker skills to use.

This video that came out today shows Rafa's evolution in poker over the past year. While the tennis legend is getting ready to take on the U.S Open in New York, he already has plans for the off-season.

Have a look to check out how far Rafa has come in in his poker game and to see whether you think Rafa is ready for live action.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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