Look inside Rafa's home game

Imagine a night where you get to have some food, relax by the pool, and then play poker with your friends. Couldn't be much better, right?

Well, it could if one of your friends was Rafa Nadal and he invited you over for a little fun.

This past week, Rafa had his friends and family together for a barbecue and some poker. Included among them was Spanish basketball captain, Juan Carlos Navarro. More on him in a second. But first...get a look at this poolside poker game.


Relaxing by the pool

Rafa's game had some special rules. Played like a Sit & Go, it was a single-table freezeout. But there was a catch. Whoever got busted first was in for a special penalty.


Rafa feeling mischievous

Rafa could smile because he wasn't the first knocked out. That meant he didn't have to endure the bust-out penalty.

And what was that?

Well, the picture below tells the story.


You're busto. Now...jump!

Rafa held on until the early morning hours, but this time he didn't emerge with a victory He stood by and watched his friend Juan Carlos Navarro win the whole match.


Juan Carlos Navarro, winner of Rafa's home game

Not a bad way to spend an evening, eh?

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