Rafa defeats Ferrer in four sets at Roland Garros quarterfinals

If you had watched the first set of the French Open quarterfinals today, you might have thought Rafa Nadal had missed the first train to Roland Garros.

Rafa, the French Open's de facto monarch, came out to a first set 4-6 loss to David Ferrer, which was weird, because it was the very first set he'd lost this year at the French Open. None of the other quarterfinalists could say that.

The match-up was a replay of last year's French Open final. You remember...the one Nadal won. It seemed unlikely Rafa would collapse with Ferrer in front of him.

With darkness encroaching, Rafa went to work in the second set and laid waste to Ferrer. The King of Clay won the next three sets 6-4, 6-0, 6-1. It allowed him to take the day off tomorrow before the semifinals.


Now, Rafa is 64-1 at the French Open. His win today means he will move on to face Andy Murray, a man fresh off a brutal and tiring match against Gael Monfils. This will be the ninth time Rafa has reached the semifinals at Roland Garros.

Good luck, Rafa,

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