Rafa defeats the world in practice for Ronaldo

If you're going to take on one of the world's greatest competitors, what better practice can you get than facing off against the entire world?

As you might have read last week, Rafa Nadal is going to take on Brazilian football legend Ronaldo in November. In a match that's been dubbed simply as "The Duel," the two sports icons will battle in a live head-to-head poker match that will be webcast around the world.

In an effort to put in a little practice, Rafa sat down today at a play money table for a live webcast as he took on all comers in a Zoom Poker match.


If you have seen any of the Rafa vs. The World matches before, you could guess how it ended. The always aggressive but never reckless Rafa finished with 31-26 victory over The World. All in all, it was another good day as Rafa put in his practice round for Ronaldo.

PokerStars was set to donate $100 per hand Rafa won. When it was all done and dusted, Rafa's 31 hands amounted to $3,100. PokerStars rounded that up to $5,000 which will go to CARE International.

Rafa isn't done practicing. He has another Rafa vs. The World scrimmage on October 14. If you'd like to take part or want more details, visit The Duel homepage.

Congrats, Rafa, on another yet another win.

Want to watch the whole match? We have a replay of it right here:

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