Rafa drops first contest to The World, plots comeback

It had to happen eventually.

In Rafa Nadal's first three "Rafa vs The World" poker contests, the King of Clay came away with wins. At 3-0, the tennis legend was confident as he sat down for an hour-long Zoom poker match againt all comers. As the battle started on a live webcast, Rafa had a prescient thought. He mused that he couldn't go undefeated forever. He had to lose sometime, right?

"Hopefully not today," he said with a smile. And so he set out on on his quest to beat The World for a fourth consecutive time. It's all part of his practice to take on football legend Ronaldo in The Duel next month in London.

The match started badly, but Rafa persevered. Down 19-11, he hit a big hand and sprang to life.

"I'm back! I'm back!" he screamed. "I need an amazing comeback!"

He rallied and got close, but in the end, Rafa dropped his first match to The World 22 to 28.


"Congratulations. You beat me," he said. "I'm going to practice more for the next time."

The next time, Rafa won't be facing The World. He'll be heads-up against Brazilian football legend, Ronaldo. The two legends head to London on November 6th. The PokerStars Blog will be there to cover it.

For now, congratulations, World. You won one!

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