Rafa to go heads-up against Spain

Fresh back from a runner-up finish at the Australian Open, Rafa Nadal is ready to get back in action. Friday night at 5pm UK time, Rafa will take on the entire country of Spain...in heads-up Zoom poker on PokerStars.es.

Rafa will sit down in his hometown of Porto Cristo, Mallorca to play a microstakes heads-up Zoom game. He will play for exactly an hour. If he wins money during the hour, PokerStars will donate €3,000 to charity. If he loses money, everyone who played against him will get a seat in a €3,000 freeroll.


Think you can beat this guy?

This promotion is only available to PokerStars.es players, but that doesn't mean you can't watch. The entire hour will be broadcast on PokerStars.tv and Facebook. What's more, you can submit questions to Rafa on Facebook and Twitter using the #askrafa hashtag.

Good luck to Rafa and all the Spaniards fighting against him. Enjoy!

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