Rafa's "trick" to winning

A good tennis match can go on for hours. The training that goes into the game for a legend like Rafa Nadal is day in and day out. Still, even in the world of a superstar like Rafa, there is downtime.

This week, Rafa is at Roland Garros for the French Open. It's a busy time, but there are still hours to fill. So, of course, the PokerStars SportStar rounded up some like-minded friends and found an empty table.


Keep in mind, this was no marketing set-up or planned appearance. This was simply Rafa doing something he enjoyed to pass the downtime.

We weren't there to watch, but a friend of Rafa's broke out his mobile phone to get some video. It came down to this hand you see in the video below.

So, yeah, that two on the river didn't hurt at all. Nevertheless, when people want to know about Rafa's trick to winning--both at poker and tennis--he's happy to tell them.

"When they lose, they always blame their luck," he said. 'But I've put more hours than they have. That's why I win. That's my trick."


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