PokerStars Women's League November Rankings

ps_news_thn.jpgPoker Stars has invited all women to put their skills to the test and play in the daily and Sunday women's only league competitions. Winners receive cash and prizes awarded monthly and yearly. Start playing now to win your way to a Poker Stars Ladies Luxury Event.

Yearly Standings

Mahgenta showed her poker skills during the month of November to not only capture the monthly first prize of $300 but to move herself into first place for the year. She has remained in the top 50 throughout the first four months of the league, garnering a total of 463 points and adding $550 to her credit. With the final month of the year upon us, it will be exciting to see if she maintains her number one spot at the end of the year.

ImFROMTHESKY has consistently remained at the top of the league leaderboard since its inception in August. In November she moved into 2nd place on the yearly leader board with 429 points to edge out Gwyneth2112 who ended in 18th for the month of November and in 3rd place for the year with 419 points.

Rush Rising is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in both the US League as well as in the European League. She moved up the ladder from 8th place overall to 4th place in the US League with a total of 410 points and remains in 2nd place on the European leader board with 497 points.

Lisa "Diamond Dixi" Nichols has ground her way up to round off the top five on the US leader board. She has remained steady in all four months, ending 9th in August, September and November and 14th in October. She has amassed 386 points and a total of $140 to add to her bankroll.

Top on the leader board in the European League is Dasuldanz. She has amassed a grand total of 603 points. She has held fast to that top position for the last two months adding 100 points and €22.5 to her bankroll for the month of November.

November USD League:

829 women stepped up to the challenge in the month of November all vying for that $300 pay out and the top spot on the yearly leader board. A total of 9111 points was awarded in November in 3795 individual games.

Through the month of November the top 50 proved to be very close competition. Points earned from the 1209 individual games played totaled 4001. Mahgenta earned the most with 156 and yaz8bosox and Mikita748 pulled in 47each.

AAmazon played in the fewest games but made good use of them earning 51 points and a respectable 47th place.

Hookmhorns played the most games, 34, and put them to good use. Her 4th place finish gained her 125 more points towards the yearly goal and $80 to her credit.

November European League:

The European League is firing up and offering some stiff competition. 494 ladies stepped up to the challenge to play 2207 games for 6599 points for the €1,000 prize pool.
Kogle380 from Denmark hit the top in November with 190 points over 28 games for a €200 payout.

The major competition in the month of November came in the 9th place spot where rivals for the top spot on the leader board tied up with 100 points each. Dasuldanz and RushRising both have shown spectacular results in the European League to date. It will be an interesting battle to watch.

November US Top 10

November Euro Top 10

A Day in the Life of a League Player: Rose "rcgs59" Genest

Rose "rcgs59" Genest started playing poker at 18 after joining in a man's poker game at a family owned bar. Not only was she able to keep up but quickly figured out that she could beat them and more importantly to her game today, could figure out how they played just by watching and studying them."The men were very upset and told me women did not belong playing poker. I was given a very hard time; I guess because they just did not know how to read me," she says. After a long break from playing poker on a serious level, Rose is back and willing to let PokerStars Women follow along with her during her play in league games.

Week 1: While the WSOP was playing in the background Rose was up for her first game of the week. Still in level one of the game, Rose found herself heads up against Sphinx2009 with Pocket kings. The Ace on the flop gave Sphinx, who held Ad Qs, the top pair with a huge kicker. Not to be deterred Rose called to hit another king on the river. Later in the same game Rose's pocket 8s hit a set on the flop to take out both Magellan50 and Tazwoman75. Rose felt the pressure of the final table chip leader and being card dead and felt she made some mistakes. "But that is how the game rolls; you just forget about it, learn from it and move on," she says of her 5th place finish.

Week 2: Rose spent most of week two celebrating. She had a lot to celebrate after winning a seat to the Luxury Ladies Poker Event at the PCA in January! She will be one of the lucky ladies enjoying the beaches and the poker room at the Atlantis in January. She caught her breath and slowed down long enough to play again in the ladies tournaments in week two, but then hit a slow run in the league." The last few nights I go deep and then when I have a decent PP, like QQ or good cards it seems that seem to get riverized. Hopefully that streak will end soon," she says of her bad run.

Week 3: After a frustrating climb to the bubble, in which she folded pocket queens to imFROMTHESKY's all in bet after the turn on a 5d 2h Kh 7s board, Rose went out of the tournament in 22nd place when her two pair could not hold up against Attract$$531's A J after two jacks hit the board. By mid-week Rose found herself back in her poker zone and finished in 8th place for a $17.67 pay out.

Week 4: In the last week of the month, Rose ran into bad luck early. In the first hand she raised with AK when Mahgenta raised all-in. Rose folded to the bet not wanting to lose her whole stack in the first hand. Two hands later her QQ ran into Indica1222's KK. The final game was not to be either. Her pocket Aces were cracked by a set of threes.
In closing Rose says, "I am a plain silly girl at times but one thing is for sure, I will not stop playing this game. The best part of the league is the friends I have made, and grown to enjoy the competitive fun I have playing with them."

A special thank you to Rose for working with PokerStars Women, and we wish her the very best at the PCA and in her poker future.


Amy Zupko
@PokerStars in PS Women