Christmas for PokerStars Women

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The $55 Women's Sunday on Christmas Day attracted just under the 200 needed to meet the $10,000 guaranteed prize fund, creating the following payout details:

Total players: 191
Prize pool: $10000.00
Paid finishers: 36

The 191 merry poker players were effectively playing at a reduced rake.

The bubble popped just about two hours in when lotus80 of Denmark's 99 fell to JJ. The 36 money finishers clashed quickly and often, leading to the following final table:


First to go were Jelieva of Russia for $190.00 and A_FT_2004 of Germany for $280.00.

NamThai of the Netherlands was eliminated with K♠ J♣ all in preflop against CunciPoker's A♣ 7♣. NamThai collected $350.00 for her 7th place finish. CunciPoker continued her rampage, taking out rabbit7408 soon thereafter with jacks against jack-eight suited. Rabbit7408 of Germany hopped away with $450.00 for sixth place.

Stroumfita25 went all in with A♥ 9♠ but she was dominated against Tweety's Q♣ A♦ and had to settle with $580.00 for fifth place. MissManta of the Netherlands must have been happy to see A♥ Q♠ with just three big blinds, but Tweety perked up at the pot odds. She called in the big blind and won the showdown with T♣ 7♥ when the board ran 7♦ K♣ 2♥ 7♣ 9♥ MissManta earned $850.00 for fourth.

Dmkol of Russia was the next to receive coal from the deck, when she three-bet shoved pocket fours into CunciPoker's aces. Her third place finish was worth $1130.00. CunciPoker of Hungary had also won a big pot against Tweety of Norway three-handed and entered heads-up play with a massive chip advantage:


Tweety showed good sportsmanship throughout the tournament, wishing everyone a gg and nh. Tweety doubled up about five minutes in to tighten the match w. K♥ 7♠ vs. CunciPoker's K♣ J♦, hitting the spade flush.

A few hands later, CunciPoker four-bet shoved from the button with a pair of sixes and won a race against ace-jack. Tweeeety won a cool $1500 while Cuncipoker's Christmas holiday was $2045 richer.

In other PokerStars Women news, December 24th saw the penultimate PCA Women's Weekend satellite. Jan "JamJars" Combes of England earned the seat, worth $3250. Combes is on a roll-- she won the PokerStars Women London event back in October.

There's still a chance to qualify for a weekend of poker and waterslides in the Bahamas: Play on December 31st at 14:30 ET. Then play the Women's Sunday on January 1st and ring the New Year in right!

Jennifer Shahade
@PokerStars in PS Women