Playing the ladies!

PS Women logo.jpgI'm Charlotte van Brabander and I'm a Belgian friend of Pokerstars since February. Since then I've been playing online 3 days a week. My favorite pokerday is like the most of us on Sunday. I'm not playing the Sunday Millions because it's a little too expensive for me but I play tourneys like the big 109, the big 55, the Sunday storm and last but not least the Women's Sunday! I'm always looking forward to that one because there's a bounty on my head and that gives me a lot more action. Girls wanna play me out because they get a 50$ bounty then. In that way it's nice to play very slow to trap people because they play more aggressive against me. I love ladies events because girls talk a lot on chat and most of the time there is a friendly conversation going on. It's funny because in poker you can't have friends. Everyone is your enemy and you can't have compassion with other girls.


Anyway it's fun to have something to read when you're only playing one table. I already played a few live ladies events. I like them even more than the online ones because girls are easier to read because they are more emotional creatures. (I have to admit I'm also giving tells away when I play live) Most of the girls are playing pretty tight and give up their hand a little to fast because they are afraid to bust out. In poker you can't be scared. You have to keep in mind that you can't win a tournament with only nice hands. At the beginning of this year I was very tight. I was afraid to lose money and I never bluffed. I'm still learning and I still have a long way to go (that's why I'm not a Pro but a friend of Pokerstars) but bit by bit I'm getting better. I believe that if you keep learning there will come a time where you crush a tourney. One time! Let's hope it's next weekend because there's gonna be a bigger women's event with a 100$ bounty on my head! And again, I'm looking forward to it J. Gl girls and cu at the tables!

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Charlotte van Brabander
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