PokerStars Women's League February results

women_thumb.jpgThe women of Poker Stars have shown up en masse through the month of February to battle their way to top monthly cash awards in the Poker Stars Women's Leagues. With their eyes on the final prize of additional cash and a Ladies Luxury Poker Club trip at the end of the year, the ladies have proven to be tough competition in both the $1.10 and the $0.10 leagues.

$1.10 League

2,596 women stepped up to test the waters in February. There were 8,594 individual games played for the first month of the $1.10 league with 18,002 points awarded.

Tammi-1 (US) pushed through the crowd early with 58 points by mid month. She remained there throughout the month, amassing 162 points over the course of 39 games, making her the first woman to beat on the yearly leader board.

L_Goose52 (CA) also remained fast and steady throughout the month, maintaining her hold on second place with 150 points and competing in 40 games. She, Koukla13 (US) and Krayzieme8 (US) played in the most games with Koukla13 ending the month in 17th with 94 points and Krayzieme8 holding 60 points and a tie with Action 1888 (CA) for 39th place.

JoyStclair stepped up her game at the end of the month. In 15th place mid-February, she took her game to the next level finishing the month in 4th place with a total of 124 points throughout 32 games.

6th place presents a battle between fawn0 (CA) and vitasackvill (US) both with 119 points. Fawn0 worked her way from 10th place mid-month while vitasackvill pulled up her socks and put on her game face rising up from 57th.

**FLOP-LAG** (US) and alta_cal (CA) also find themselves in a tie. The 9th place battle gives both women 114 points through 35 and 32 games respectively. **FLOP-LAG** worked her way up from 58th place mid-month.

The battle for the 14th spot heats up between cristi0602 (ES) and hominin (US). Both women have accumulated 97 points over 34 and 33 games respectively.

Hctiwdliw (BR) played the fewest games in the top 50 on the leader board. Her 15 games earned her 63 points and a respectable 33rd place.

$0.10 League

The $0.10 league is jumping off to heated start. 4748 women tested the waters and the competition has brought the top 10 within 30 points of each other. The women of the 10 cent league have played in 14566 individual games and each has their share of the 27,226 points that were awarded in the month of February.

February's top point earner, ldlucas (PT) worked her way up from 4th place mid-month to earn 131 points over the course of 44 games. She and 2nd place shalex03 (US) played in the most games with shalex03 earning 110 points.

Xyouarehere (US) stepped up her game and worked her way up from the 14th spot mid-February to end the month in 3rd place. She earned 105 points through 37 games to just top the 4th place crzcanuck2 (CA) who holds 104 points.

Night rn (US) and Truffle 72 (US) are battling it out to round out the top 10. Night rn fought her way up from 99th mid-month and now has played in 33 games and holds fast to 88 points. Truffle72 continues to hold on to a spot in the top 10 also with 88 points earned through 30 games.

It's anyone's game in the fight for 30th on the leader board. INTEMP44 (US), mywildteddy (US), Tajla (DE) and Tammi-1 (US) are all neck and neck with 34 points apiece.

MaryJane2233 (DE) has only played 14 games, the least out of the top 50, but has put them to good use as they have put her a tie for 26th with fawn0 (CA) to grasp 69 points.

Gillian Epp

During the first Poker Stars Women's League coverage, I was able to touch base with new up and coming female player, Gillian Epp. Recently Gillian contacted Poker Stars to update us on her successes as a professional player.

Gillian is no stranger to playing with the boys and having to prove herself despite the odds against her. In high school she was chosen to play on a boys soccer team. Her presence met some resistance from the male players and their parents. It was not long before she had earned the trust and respect of her team mates and supporters.

Now in her third year as a professional poker player, Gillian is earning the trust and respect of the poker industry. She is now a monthly contributor to a poker magazine, writing about her experiences as a high-stakes female poker player. She also appeared as a cover girl on the January issue of Poker Pro Canada. Although Gillian has only been playing professional poker for a few years she is enjoying giving poker advice to new players and has become a respected female player in her home town of Vancouver as well as in the general poker population.

Poker Stars is pleased to bring the second season of the women's league and welcomes all female players to join in the competition.


Amy Zupko
@PokerStars in PS Women