PokerStars Women's Poker League: April Points Bring May Bonuses

League logo.jpgApril was an interesting month for the PokerStars Women's Poker League. As the league grew steadily since February 2011, more women took to the virtual tables dedicated to women-only tournaments and saw the benefits of league points, all while having fun playing in some of the most entertaining tournaments offered on PokerStars.

The two leagues provide avenues for women to make their mark at PokerStars and strive not only to achieve status and monthly cash prizes, but each month's points accumulate for the yearly totals. More cash - and more importantly PokerStars Women Live prize packages for the winner of each league - await those who have the best annual results. It's a process that requires consistency, dedication, and tenacity, not to mention a little "run good" along the way.

$.10 League

The range of women in the $.10 league required an atlas to locate them all, as they ranged from Europe to various parts of the Americas and beyond. And a rather large spreadsheet was maintained to track the 4,165 players who found themselves in contention with April points. But atop the leaderboard when the points were tallied were two Canadians with more points than any others in the league.

Auntyrae took on 27 tournaments in the month of April and accumulated an impressive 141 points, and that performance was worth an extra $100 in her PokerStars account. Not a bad boost to the bankroll to help with the next month's worth of poker, along with the title of monthly points leader. She achieved first place on the leaderboard well before the month was over and continued to maintain that lead. Past months found her much lower in the standings of the $1.10 league, but she found her stride in this league in April.

Mogadu played 30 tournaments and accumulated 121 points for the month, which was good enough for a solid second place and $90 in cash. Gathering those points with 30 events in 30 days is not an easy task. A solid player in the $.10 league for the last two months, she was determined to make the money on this month's leaderboard and stepped up her game, pushing from third place to second within the last week of the month.

Polish player Jachna came in third this month, and it was her first showing on the leaderboard in 2011. After 30 tournaments, her total came to 110 points for a third place prize of $80.

Two players tied for the next spot, as butterflysh of Spain and Ethyn J. of Canada each finished with 105 points, the former in 29 tournaments and the latter in 27. Brazilian hctiwdliw played only 22 tournaments to accumulate 103 points for the month, which tied with Spain's SARITA15350. Germany's oida-baaaam came close with 102 points for eighth place, followed by lvaw31 of Columbia with 99 points and lstina7 of Russia with 97.

All of the top ten players made their first appearances in that part of the leaderboard in April and will receive extra cash for their efforts.

$1.10 League

Women competing in the $1.10 league were similar to those in the other as they hailed from various parts of the globe, though Canada dominated with six of the top spots. Even so, Poland took the first prize of the month. A total of 2,073 poker players earned points in April through tournament endeavors dedicated to the Women's Poker League. And many of them jumped to this league from the other and learned that they could compete well - even better in some cases - in the higher buy-in events.

The undisputed top earner for the month was 1bollywood1 of Poland, who accumulated 151 points over the course of 28 tournaments. That first place position was locked up earlier in the month, though the last 30 points came in the final week of competition. For the effort, an extra $250 goes to 1bollywood1 for the superb performance in the first month she participated in the league action. A very healthy start to a player we expect to see in the league standings going forward.

Bertie867 of Canada took second place when April wrapped its numbers, and the 137 points earned over 26 tournaments warranted a prize of $170. With one week to go in the month, she worked well under pressure and improved from fifth place on the leaderboard to second. she was another player who hadn't placed on the February or March leagues but came on strong this month.

Third place went to another first-timer in the league, rositabb, who brought in 132 points for 27 tournaments, good for a $140 prize. The Peruvian added 26 of those points in the last week of the competition in order to solidify third place.

Two players tied for the next spot, as crzcanuck2 of Canada and danico7777 of Peru both ended April with 122 points out of 26 and 27 tournaments respectively. Crzcanuck2 proved consistent over the last several months, even having scored fourth in the $.10 league in February. Next on the board was LadyBug ONT, who had 114 points and greatly improved on her March performance. Pointful92 was just behind with 113 in seventh place, followed by joy7108 with 106. Three women then tied for last place, with cristi0602, sapatova91, and The Rose 22 all bringing in 100 points each.

Several of April's top finishers played the league for the first time, and others transitioned from the $.10 league to make a splash.

For those still interested in taking part, it's never too late! There are many more months left in the year (thank goodness!) and the league has room for everyone.

Information about the PokerStars Women's Poker League is provided on the home page, and current league standings are listed on the rankings page. And join us on Facebook for regular updates!

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in PS Women