PokerStars Women's Poker League: May Leaders and Featured Player danico7777

League logo.jpgMay was a fun month to watch the progress of the ever-growing number of women participating in the two leagues on PokerStars. With rankings being updated every few days now, it's easy to check in regularly and see who jumps off to a great start at the beginning of the month, how things look in the middle, and the various races that ensue toward the final days.

The Women's Poker League saw a month of league climbers that kept us guessing until the last day of May. And now, we can announce the top ten prize winners for May, as well as introduce our featured player. Going forward, we'll highlight one player every month who stands out from the crowd, and this inaugural edition features Gabriela of Lima, Peru, better known online as danico7777. That feature follows the final May league results.

Read on, por favor.

$.10 League

Several players started the month of May very strong in this league. Considering the winner of April accumulated 141 points in total for that month, it was all the more impressive that danico7777 was out in front of this league by May 8 with 78 points. Littleknelle wasn't far behind with 63, and ~Chipsqueak~ held her own with 52.

By the 12th of the month, danico7777 was still soaring, having accumulated 94 points, and ~Chipsqueak~ was pushing forward with a strong 92 point total. And a few days later, at the halfway point of May, danico7777 maintained that lead with 108 points with ~Chipsqueak~ holding a strong second with 95.

The point totals with only a week left in the month made it look as if danico7777 had the top spot locked up with 147 points, and though ~Chipsqueak~ held on in second place with 125, littleknelle was climbing rather quickly with 113 points. Maadcaroma was also in the mix with an even 100.

Things really changed in the last week. ~Chipsqueak~ made a mad dash for the lead and took it, ending the month with a whopping 183 points for playing 31 tournaments. That made a Canadian player the winner of the lead again, as ~Chipsqueak~ made her debut in the top ten this week with an impressive victory, for which she will be awarded $100 for being the May chipleader.

Danico7777 of Peru was unable to maintain that lead into the last few days of the month but still looked at a $90 prize for finishing in second place. Out of 30 tournaments she played in May, she grabbed 168 points.

Third place for the month went to butterflysh of Spain with 142 points, who bettered her overall finish from fourth place in last month's standings and was one of only two players to make the top ten for two months in a row.

Littleknelle finished fourth with 135 points in May, followed by sapatova91 with 121 points, maadcaroma with 117, megg23 with 112, and fullmeat7 with 110. Rounding out the top ten were Pro100Killer in ninth place with 109 points and SARITA15350 (the other player who made the top ten in April) with 107 points in tenth place.

$1.10 League

Players in this league were on point to squash the ranking leaders' numbers very early in May. By the 8th day of the month, crzcanuck2 already had 56 points, and sapatova91 was sneaking up with 51.

Only a few days later, the ranking list on May 12 showed crzcanuck2 had fallen to fourth place with 64 points, surpassed by pointful92 with 78 points, fullmeat7 with 68, and sapatova91 with 66. And creeping up on the crowd was the $.10 league chipleader danico7777 with 60 points. The month was clearly going to be a contentious one. When the figures were presented for the midway point in May, it showed sapatova91 having taken over first place with a strong 104-point showing. Pointful91 was in second with 91, followed by wskynet. Danico7777 was also still in the mix with 73 points while leading the other league at the same time.

By May 22, sapatova91 simply soared with 140 points, quite a distance ahead of @Mapicienta with 112 points, who only made an appearance in the top ten in the middle of the month. Many others - hctiwdliw, fullmeat7, Poktor, CESISA, and danico7777 all sat above the 100-point mark.

This league held last-minute surprises as well! It was @Mapicienta of Peru who took everyone by surprise and leapt into first place at the end of the month with 167 points, earned over the course of only 24 tournaments. That performance warranted the first place prize of $250 for her debut spot in the top ten - and in first place.

Early leader sapatova91 of Peru kept up the pace with 31 tournaments but finished with 162 points. That still-impressive finish warranted a $170 cash reward, and she certainly improved upon her ninth place finish in the month of April.

Hctiwdliw of Brazil made it to third place with 152 points for 30 tournaments, meaning all three top players hailed from South America. She will take home $140 for that finish, as well as the knowledge that her hard work through the month paid some dividends.

Danico7777 finished fourth in this league with 147 points, in addition to her second place finish in the $.10 league. But fullmeat7, who finished fifth here with 129 points, was also in the top ten of the other league. Both players deserve the mention for fighting hard and placing so strongly in both leagues in May.

KleopatraRTS finished in sixth with 123 points, followed by pointful92 in seventh with 120 (more points than her 109 in April that won her second place), maurfun in eighth with 118, and o0ONoraO0o in ninth with 117 points. Rounding out the top ten was Poktor with 116 points.

Featured Player: danico7777

It was apparent in the first week of the month that danico7777 was a player to watch. She not only dominated the $.10 league and eventually finished second but climbed forcefully into the top ten of the $1.10 league. Playing enough tournaments - and doing well in them - is tough enough, but to do it in both leagues was more than enough to grab our attention.

Gabriela Romero Mezinto is not shy about expressing her passion for poker and the PokerStars Women's Poker League. When asked if she would answer some questions for this column, she responded with that excitement that clearly brings her to the online poker tables on a regular basis.

The native Peruvian lives in Lima and is retired from a career in social assistance. Her love for poker began several years ago, as her husband spent much time playing poker with friends in clubs. He insisted that she learn, and she did just that in local casinos. But when she discovered PokerStars, an affair with her computer blossomed. She found that PokerStars was a comfortable fit for her and just as exciting as casino play.

PokerStars Women attracted Gabriela because the chat was more pleasant, and the league gave her goals for which to strive. Though she plays open events on a regular basis, she enjoys the Women's Poker League and the Women's Sunday weekly tournament. She feels that more women are comfortable competing in a friendlier environment and has personally made numerous friends in the league. (She extended hearty greetings to her league friends as well!)

How has she found such success in the leagues, especially in light of her substantial placement in both of the leagues this month? The key is patience, she said, as well as paying close attention and staying involved. She is careful with all of her plays but tries to find spots for aggressive bluffing in the early stages of a tournament. Most of all, it is her enjoyment of the game and her desire to constantly improve.

We congratulate Gabriela, or danico7777 as we know her online, for her May success and wish her luck in the future!

Information about the PokerStars Women's Poker League is provided on the home page, and current league standings are listed on the rankings page. And join us on Facebook for regular updates!

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in PS Women