PokerStars Women's Poker League: October Winners and Bertie867 as Featured Player

League logo.jpgTracking the Women's League month after month, there are some recognizable names, as perseverance brings some of the same players into the top 10 on a regular basis. But it is also interesting to see other players make their way on to the leaderboard. New players get to taste the success from their hard work and receive a cash bonus for playing the game they love.

October found some new names in both League divisions, but one familiar player in Division 1 is - again - Bertie867. We talked to her about her game and how she consistently makes the top 10 of thousands of players each month.

Division 1: $1.10 League

Halfway through October, there were some players with a stronghold on the top positions on the leaderboard. The only two players over 80 points were sveo1d and Bertie867, while KleopatraRTS and electritizz each had over 70 points. One week later, only Bertie867 and electritizz stayed in their spots, while sveo1d fell to sixth place and KleopatraRTS fell out of the top 10 completely. Viki991123 had taken over the top spot, and Demi ces climbed into a tie for second place (while also doing well in Division 2).

The final numbers revealed that Bertie867 made it into first place with 167 points, taking down the leader position for October (in addition to coincidentally being our featured player of the month), along with $250 in cash. Peruvian players took the next two positions, as fullmeat7 leapt into second place with 160 points and @Mapicienta took over third with 155 points. Demi ces and tjumpy, both of Canada, tied for fourth.

October Top 10:

1st place: Bertie867 (Canada) - 31 tournaments, 167 points = $250
2nd place: fullmeat7 (Peru) - 29 tournaments, 160 points = $170
3rd place: @Mapicienta (Peru) - 25 tournaments, 155 points = $140
4th place: Demi ces (Canada) - 31 tournaments, 152 points = $110 (TIE)
4th place: tjumpy (Canada) - 31 tournaments, 152 points = $110 (TIE)
6th place: hetiwdliw (Brazil) - 30 tournaments, 149 points = $90
7th place: leenekid (Canada) - 31 tournaments, 144 points = $80
8th place: KleopatraRTS (Poland) - 31 tournaments, 140 points = $60
9th place: paoo20 (Peru) - 25 tournaments, 139 points = $50
10th place: electritizz (Canada) - 30 tournaments, 133 points = $40

Division 2: $.10 League

When we checked in on this division halfway through the month, there were two players over 80 points, electritizz (who was also soaring in Division 1) and doncarlucci1. Becky1464, Juma09, and Demi ces each counted more than 70 points to their credit and looked strong in the early going. One week later, electritizz was still dominating with an astounding 145 points, and Demi ces climbed into second with 127. The only other player over 100 points was doncarlucci1 with 121, though becky1465 and Juma09 stayed in the top 10.

The month ended with electritizz firmly in first place with a total of 179 points, which warranted a prize of $100 and the leaderboard champion title of the month. Demi ces stayed in second and finished with 154 points, giving Canada the top two spots on the board. SARITA15350 climbed into third to take that honor for her 139 points, and doncarlucci1 finished in fourth with 133 points.

October Top 10:

1st place: electritizz (Canada) - 30 tournaments, 179 points = $100
2nd place: Demi ces (Canada) - 31 tournaments, 154 points = $90
3rd place: SARITA15350 (Spain) - 30 tournaments, 139 points = $80
4th place: doncarlucci1 (Guatemala) - 28 tournaments, 133 points = $70
5th place: klondyker (Canada) - 31 tournaments, 125 points = $55 (TIE)
5th place: zemlyanikasw (Russia) - 29 tournaments, 125 points = $55 (TIE)
7th place: storczyk (Poland) - 31 tournaments, 122 points = $40
8th place: Nela60 (Spain) - 30 tournaments, 115 points = $25 (TIE)
8th place: smalllfry (Canada) - 29 tournaments, 115 points = $25 (TIE)
10th place: vali therese (Canada) - 31 tournaments, 109 points = $15

Featured Player "Bertie867"

Those in Bertie867's life know her as Alberta, and they certainly know of her love for poker. Not only is her family supportive and participatory in the learning process, she spends time teaching poker to women who are new to the game.

Born and raised in Canada, Alberta spent much of her youth in Calgary but relocated "North of 60" to Yukon Territory about 15 years ago. But it was during trips to Las Vegas that poker first caught her attention. She carried that interest back to the Yukon and started to organize kitchen table games during the cold, dark winters. "It seemed like a good distraction," she admitted, "and it has been a great way to socialize and learn the game. Back in the day, we used to have hours of discussion after reading books and viewing videos" by players who are now some of the greatest legends of poker.

Sharing poker with her family is another important part of her progression in the game. "I spend time with them discussing poker and trying to keep current on the shifts that are apparent in the game, especially in the past few years." By paying attention to other players, games, and following patterns, she has been able to progress along with the game.

Alberta also believes that online poker has helped her and can do the same for other players, especially when it comes to the basics of the game. She suggests the freerolls and the play-money side of PokerStars to get acquainted with tournament poker.

She takes it a step further. "My partner and I started teaching basic/beginner poker to women when we moved up north and have developed some great friendships and many good acquaintances over the years. We have found that women want to learn the basics in a safe, friendly environment. They especially enjoyed the Friday Night "newby" tournaments that let them practice and develop their skills and gain confidence without a lot of judgmental comments, badgering, and with a very small bankroll."

By honing her own skills and spreading that knowledge to others, Alberta has become a staple in the Women's League tournaments in 2011. In addition to her performance this month in Division 1, she finished second in September and in August. She was in the top 30 in July, and the top 60 the month before. Clearly, her game has improved because of her enjoyment of it.

Her strategy in the League? She has tried to work on her patience, especially at the beginning levels of tournaments. "I tend to play the Women's League differently - mostly because I have come to know the play of many of the players; whereas in most other games online, I don't know the players." And patience has paid off with the monthly bonuses she receives from finishing in the top spots on the leaderboard.

You can find Bertie867 in many of the Division 1 tournaments every week, as she racks up the points and tries to win some of the yearly prizes up for grabs at the end of 2011. And if you are lucky enough to play at her kitchen table, pay attention. Alberta knows her poker game.

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Jen Newell
@PokerStars in PS Women