WCOOP seats and a PCA package for pennies

PS Women logo.jpgLike most women, I know a good bargain when I see it, and I'm certainly not alone in my financial finesse. When it comes to finding a good bargain, I think it's safe to say that women know their stuff. Not that men don't too of course, but when it comes to finding the best clearance prices on everything from microwaves to minis, we women have the advantage.

So for the next three days, where do you think the smart female poker players will be hanging out? Not at Saks or Best Buy. They will be online playing to win a WCOOP seat for pennies on the dollar. Mega satellites are running from Thursday through Saturday to award over a thousand seats at rock bottom prices. Some of you have already won seats from the Women's WCOOP promotion that ran through the end of the month, and have a seat or two sewn up to play in the biggest online tournament festival of the year. But if you haven't managed to snag one yet, you can still qualify to play in the most exciting 22 days of poker by winning a seat during the mega satellite promotion running for the next three days.

And if you really know how to work it, you could win a PokerStars Women Live package to the PCA in January by topping the WCOOP leaderboard for women. A $3,500 package is up for grabs to the women with the highest score in the events.

The PCA is the premier event of the year for many players, and it features many of the game's finest players at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas every January. The women's event last year hosted 96 players, including media personality Ricki Lake and many top pros, such as Team PokerStars pros Vicky Coren and Fatima Moreira de Melo. Playing poker at one of the world's best resorts and spending your free time on the white sand beaches of the Bahamas is a pretty good way to spend the those early January days, I can tell you from experience. But learning and sometimes winning against some of the world's best poker pros (not from experience) is something you will never forget. Just ask Kristin Bihr, last year's winner.


So get your game on and come play to win big in this year's WCOOP. For more information on how to win a cheap seat in one of the satellites and some details about previous events, see Brad Willis' blog post.

From Brad's blog post, here is a list of the upcoming events:

  • 9/1 (6:00) WCOOP-13 Sat: $22 PLO H/L (75 Seats Gtd)
  • 9/1 (11:00) WCOOP-14 Sat: $27 NLHE (KO, 6-Max, 100 Seats Gtd)
  • 9/2 (11:00) WCOOP-16 Sat: $22 PLO (6-Max, 75 Seats Gtd)
  • 9/2 (17:00) WCOOP-18 Sat: $33 NLHE (100 Seats Gtd)
  • 9/3 (10:00) WCOOP-19 Sat: $11 NL Hold'em (1,000 Seats Gtd)
  • 9/3 (14:00) WCOOP-20 Sat: $22 FLHE (100 Seats Gtd)
  • 9/3 (16:30) WCOOP-62 Sat: $215 NLHE (25 Main Event Seats Gtd)

    And what is it with that list of winners at the bottom of this article, ladies? There is only one name on that list from the female ranks. Make this the year to change all that and bring it home for the women!

    Rebekah Mercer
    @PokerStars in PS Women