WCOOP second can still be sweet--if you get mad

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgYou know that tournament advice you always hear about thinking positively and channeling good thoughts the day of a tournament? That's all well and good, but what really seems to work for Adriena Nutt is to get mad as hell. She told PokerStars Women that she woke up the morning of WCOOP Event #19 in a bad mood and was just feeling "fed up." She admits that it "probably wasn't the best way to prepare," but when it was all over she was thinking otherwise. "I think it actually helped me, as I was so determined to go all the way. I just felt so driven to do well, and I stayed focused the whole time."

Adriena may have wished later that she had been a little more upset that morning, as she missed the bracelet by just one seat, finishing second . That probably got her fuming again for a little while, but the fat check she cashed later that day must have made the whole thing easier to handle, especially when she walked out with a deposit slip showing $117,000. I don't know about you, Adriena, but $117,000 would certainly brighten my day.


At the final table with dreenie82

Now that she's had time to cool off, I asked Adriena, who plays under the screen name "dreeniee82" if she had any advice for other female players. "Play with no fear, and play to win!" was her quick response. "I always believe I can come back from a bad beat or a bad play, so it gives me an edge." She continued, "I see some players making rash decisions and giving up way too easily when they take a big hit to their stack. Never give up, always believe you can win!"

Adriena has been playing poker for about six years and plays mainly online. Although this is her biggest cash on PokerStars, she has had several first place finishes, including the Daily $55, the $109 6 Max, and the $11 50K Guaranteed. She has final tabled the Women's Sunday a couple of times, but has yet to win it.

So final advice, ladies? Get mad, then go make some money!

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Rebekah Mercer
@PokerStars in PS Women