Winning the Women's Sunday

Women corner logo.jpgWhat's it like to be playing at a final table with Liv Boeree? How does it feel like to win the tournament--with a cash prize of over $2000? And what do you do with a cash like that? Do you sock it all away or go have some fun? These are some of the questions I posed to four of the winners of the Women's Sunday Tournament on PokerStars. Their answers will give you some insight into their approaches to the game and maybe some hints on how to win one yourself.


Let's start at the logical place and go back to the inaugural tournament on March 27, when it was won by a player from Germany. Luzzy, who goes by Regina in real life, says that she was very excited that Sunday to be playing in the first tournament because she felt the pros who were participating were going to be very challenging (Liv Boeree and Vanessa Selbst took part, along with Friend of PokerStars player Charlotte Van Brabander and online player, Mer Brit) and she apparently likes challenging herself. She shared with us that this tournament wasn't the first big cash she's had, having had some nice cashes in mixed events prior to the Women's Sunday. But she did say that that she likes to play this tournament because of the high competition level, especially with PokerStars Team Pro members taking part.

Having said all that, however, Regina has a lot of confidence in her game, and rightly so. She said she felt that she was capable of beating everyone, due to previous good showings in similar tournaments. She certainly proved that with her win and the cash for $2116.68, outlasting Liv Boeree at the final table. Her confidence paid off in playing against Liv when she was the one to bust her out of the tournament, thereby collecting an additional $50 bounty.


Liv Boeree when she's not final-tabling the Women's Sunday event

As for advice to other players, she says "You need to have a lot of experience with different player types and situations. Play a lot!" And what does she plan to do with her winnings? She says she "needs all the money to finance her sushi addiction."

Regina remarked that she likes playing the women only tournaments and enjoys the freedom of playing online. She also plays cash games and has joined some training sites, along with reading everything related to poker that she can get her hands on. So it seems that for this winner, training and lots of practice pays off.

Betty Brite (Louise Forbes)

Louise Forbes from Canada won the tournament on April 17 and cashed for $2075.78. She says that she was very excited to even make the money and just "worked on one level at a time." When she made the final table she said the excitement really kicked in, and she was "overjoyed" to have won. It was her first women's tournament on PokerStars and although she has had some big cashes before, (5K in a $109 mixed event) she said it was still a big cash for her. She also commented that "the people playing at the tables were fun" and after this experience, she plans to play more of the women's tournaments.

According to Louise, it was her girlfriend who got her hooked on the game at her camper. "We played $5 tournaments with a large group of people, and I have been hooked ever since. I did play a live tournament in Vegas and enjoyed it tremendously. I really need to work on my poker face though because I got so excited, I'm sure everyone at the table knew every card I had."

And what does she plan to do with her winnings? "I actually shared a bit with some fellow family players, withdrew a little, and I left a small stash to continue playing with. With the nice weather starting here in Canada, I do plan on using a bit for outdoor activities."
Louise says that her advice for other women who want to become good tournament players includes playing a variety of tournaments. "It gives you a good feel for the players and the style of play. There tend to be a lot of people who play very aggressively" in the rebuy tournaments. But "people tend to play safer once rebuys close." "When you get close to the money you can either play it safe or seize the moment."

Oksana, Russia

Oksana, from the city of Omsk in Russia, won the tournament June 5 and says that her win in the Women's Sunday inspired her on to even larger cashes. Afterwards she had good showings in the Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million. But her win in the Women's Sunday was sweeter because it was a first place win and she felt the competition was very tough.

Oksana likes the atmosphere in the tournaments and says that she would like to encourage more women to come play. She remarked that in the town where she lives, she is not aware of any other women who play poker. She enjoys the communication with other players from around the world, and she says that the adrenaline rush she gets from playing is one of the best parts of playing tournaments on PokerStars.

Her advice to other players is to "go forward" and "never worry about losses, believe in victory, and to play more tournaments."

Andrea, Venezuela

Andrea says she did a "little happy dance" when she won the tournament, but was pretty calm overall. She plays the tournament every Sunday as part of her poker schedule and plays satellites to try to win her seat, but also buys in directly.

Her win in the Women's Sunday was one of her biggest cashes, but she has had some previous successes as well. She believes the tournament is a good one to "try out some tournament poker with some nice cash involved." She also likes the payout structure. "It is not as top heavy as in most tournies, and the blind structure is a little bit faster," which she likes. "You're not obliged to play for three hours with the risk of not cashing," she says. "Normally the money is reached after about two hours."

Andrea enjoys playing online much more than live tournaments and says that her impatience factors into that. "I am probably THE most impatient person on the planet," she remarked. She also likes the atmosphere of the tournament, with its friendly vibe, and lots of chatting, although she says she mostly stays mum, to concentrate on her game.

Part of the cash she won in the tournament will go to support her travel obsession, and she says that her next flight is "already paid for," thanks to the tournament.

So there you have it--advice from several of the best players in the tournament. Now go use it to win your tournament this Sunday! For more details the PokerStars Women Sunday tournament page.

Rebekah Mercer
@PokerStars in PS Women