Celebrate summer with a new iPad

Thumbnail image for PS Women logo.jpgWe all know that women are superb multi-taskers, and I'll admit, I've been known to take it to extremes. On some of my busier days I've been observed cooking, talking on the phone, and playing poker all at the same time. It used to take a lot of running back and forth from the kitchen to the computer all the while trying to keep from burning the house down. Thank goodness for modern technology and smoke alarms! And now with the new PokerStars Mobile app available, there are sure to be some mind-bending possibilities out there that I haven't even thought of. (My husband is not happy to hear this. He's installing more smoke alarms as we speak.) With the app you can play virtually anywhere, now that PokerStars is available on your mobile device. So in order to take advantage of all the possibilities that summer has to offer we are celebrating this new-found freedom with a contest.

The PokerStars Have a Beautiful Summer with Mobile is a contest designed to highlight your ingenuity and to kick off our new Pinterest page by posting some of your best photos. The contest runs until the end of this month with the cut-off at midnight EST on August 31. The winner of the best photo overall wins a beautiful new iPad 2, which could be very useful in the kitchen while you're cooking and playing poker. Cook, read recipes in full color on the iPad, and play poker all at the same time with no worries about those pesky fire alarms! Weekly winners will also receive some great prizes as part of a PokerStars Women goody bag giveaway. And all entrants with pictures pinned on the Pinterest board receive a ticket to a $500 freeroll to be held on September 8.

cooking and poker.jpg

So don't delay. Send in those photos now. Here's a link providing all the details about the contest /en/blog/pokerstars_women/2012/pokerstars-women-mobile-summer-pinterest-096529.html. The PokerStars Women Pinterest page can be found at //pinterest.com/pokerstarswomen/ where you can see some of the great submissions we've received so far.

Rebekah Mercer
@PokerStars in PS Women