dreeniee82 stages major comeback to win Women's Sunday

Sunday Special corner logo.jpgJust before entering the latest Women's Sunday, Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree tweeted: "On the Sunday PokerStars grind and feeling sparky." Liv also sparked the enthusiasm of hundreds of women players as she was one of three $50 bounties in the February 19 PokerStars Women's Sunday. Joining her were Team PokerStars Pro Fatima Moreira de Melo and Friend of PokerStars Charlotte Van Brabander.

The prize pool easily topped the $10,000 guarantee:
Total players: 262
Prize pool: $13,100
Paid finishers: 45

Demoniac83 picked up the first $50 bounty with pocket sevens over Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander's pocket sixes while FatimaDeMelo went down when she got K♥Q♥ all in pre-flop against claufrancho's K♣A♦. Boeree was the last pro to drop. She amassed a large stack at some point but busted before the money when she shoved 12.5 big blinds under the gun with A♥J♣ and was called by Firewall0107, who showed a pair of kings.

A couple hours into play, susurina was all in in the big blind and ran into yantan777's pair of kings, which burst the money bubble. 45 players were now guaranteed at least $78.60.

The final table bubble popped when Kyberkaru pushed with ace-deuce on the button and ran into two good hands in the blinds, ipokergirl13's pocket threes and goshdarnvv's A♦9♦, which ended up winning out.

A couple hands into the final table, demoniac83 fell, good for a $229.25 payday. With eight players remaining, Rapuncel <3 of Russia was chip leader:


Rapuncel<3's stack continued to grow when she picked up a pair of kings to knock out goshdarnvv, who held J♦T♦. Goshdarnvv snagged $314.40 for her 8th-place finish. Pocket kings, this time ipokergirl13's, also knocked out our seventh-place finisher Justy2804, who earned $445.40. Bleachedd was eliminated in 6th place for $576.40 when her pocket sevens could not win a race against Rapuncel<3's A♦K♦.


With just five players remaining, Rapuncel<3 had more than half of the chips in play! Rapuncel<3 amassed even more chips when her A♠Q♦ knocked out Hawksrule247's A♣9♥. Hawksrule received $746.70 for finishing 5th.

A huge pot built up when Ipokergirl13 called malinaolega's under the gun all-in with T♣A♥ while Rapuncel<3 also called with A♣Q♦ in the big blind. Malinaolega earned the triple up with pocket tens while Ipokergirl13 was out, earning $1080.75 for 4th.

Despite this setback, Rapuncel<3 was still sitting pretty at the start of three-handed. Her luck began to change when she lost with 3♦ A♦ all in preflop against dreenie82's A♣6♣. A good chance for a chop, but the six played when the board ran out Q♣2♠5♦A♠T♦. Malinaolega also took a big bite off the chipleader's stack when she got pocket tens all in on the flop, which held against Rapuncel<3's flush draw.

The tables had fully turned when Rapuncel<3 became the short-stack and ran 9♣A♥ into malinaolega's pocket kings. Rapuncel<3 now had to console herself with a third=place finish, good for $1,441.00. Malinaolega began heads-up play with a chip lead against dreeniee82:

Thumbnail image for womens_sunday_now_heads_up.JPG

The two went back and forth for a while--both players were raising most of their buttons. Dreeniee82 was not backing down easily and grabbed the chip lead when she three-bet shoved T♠8♠ and hit a flush against malinaolega's pocket fours.

To finish it off, Dreeniee82 got ace-ten all in pre-flop against malinaolega's ace-eight. She held for the $2,534.85 cash and the Women's Sunday title. Malinaolega of Russia also had a nice score of $1,899.50.

Next week, the Women's Sunday on February 26th is concurrent with the first satellite into the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final Ladies Event in Monaco at 15:00 ET. Take your chance to grab a chunk of both the 10K Women's Sunday prize pool & a trip to the French Riviera. Bon chance!

Jennifer Shahade
@PokerStars in PS Women