Kristin Bihr looks back on winning PCA 2011 women's event

By the time Kristin Bihr was heads-up at the final table of the PCA PokerStars Women Live event, she knew she was in for a big payday. "I knew right then that whatever happened heads-up, I would be happy with the result," Kristin remarked. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that the payouts were life-changing money for the itinerant poker blogger. Reflecting on her win in 2011, Kristin let us know what it was like to comprehend that a huge deposit to her PokerStars account was imminent. "Before heads-up play started, we took a short break and I remember walking into the ladies room and realizing that I was going home with at least $18,000. As a freelance writer you're almost always living in a low-grade state of terror when it comes to financial stability and that moment was the first time I really allowed the money to be real to me. $18,000 (for second place) would be magnificent; $30,000 seemed almost unfathomable."

That realization may have factored into her eventual win, but so did the knowledge that she had gained from covering numerous tournaments for PokerStars when she was on the other side of the felt. According to Kristin, it factored prominently in her heads-up match with Lauren Kling. "A lot of times I've seen amateurs go up against pros, they've tried to force the action when it wasn't necessary, based on their stack sizes." She decided that she "didn't want to play big pots right away or run some sort of multi-street bluff without the right conditions." Her approach paid off in the long run and she walked away eventually with the $30,000, the trophy, and a huge smile on her face. And let's not forget the big celebration that followed. Bahama Mamas were one of the main components, and according to Kristin there were about $500 worth of them served in the Coral bar that night. She had lots of fellow bloggers on hand and Kristin observed that they are always helpful when it comes to celebrating another blogger's success--especially when alcohol is involved. "The poker media responded to my win as they respond to any good news---with alcohol," she commented.


After her PCA win, Kristin and her boyfriend moved back to Los Angeles where she returned to work in television production, so her poker writing is more of a sideline now. She looks forward to returning to the Bahamas to play the ladies tournament again soon and calls it "the best structure of any women's event in the world, hands down." The tournament's 200 big blind starting stack and one-hour levels allows for "much more room to maneuver and get comfortable." She also enjoys the variety of players in a field that is serious about poker but varied. "You end up with a really nice cross-section of players that includes everyone from top live pros like Vanessa Selbst to Supernova Elite cash gamers like Kristen "krissyb24" Bicknell, to part-timers like myself, along with women playing in their first live tournament."

So take it from Kristin and come to the Bahamas in January to play the best women's event in the world. Satellites are running now to win a $3,250 package that includes your buy-in, three night's hotel accommodations, and money for expenses. For more details see the PokerStars Women Promotions page.

Rebekah Mercer
@PokerStars in PS Women