Looking for Belgian luck

Thumbnail image for PS Women logo.jpgWow! It's just amazing what the Belgian poker players are doing on the PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) circuit at the moment! Two of my best poker girlfriends, Magia Vandamme and Coralie Nauder, did very well at the PokerStars Ladies Event in Madrid last month. Magia came in first and Coralie second in the event. The Belgian Team PokerStars Pros, Matthias and Christophe De Meulder, who are like my poker brothers, are also rocking both live and online tables. There were also great results by both Team Pro Pierre Neuville and Koen De Visscher.

For me, 2012 hasn't been that sweet so far. But hey, that's poker! It's good to feel that those results don't come easily; you have to work for them. It trains my poker mindset to be patient and not take for granted what I'm doing. Sometimes when things aren't going my way, I sometimes forget that every decision, every dollar matters.

I heard about a player who tore a dollar bill apart to confront himself with what he was doing by taking things too lightly. I must admit, apart from it being a crime and something I wouldn't do myself, it sums up quite well what goes on when you lose focus. Reflecting on this has had an effect because in my last three online tourneys I made the money. I wanted to survive, and tournament poker is all about surviving and minimizing risks.

I just love this game so much because it trains your mind to be strong and puts things in perspective. That also helps me in real life. When I focus while playing poker I forget almost everything around me.


Charlotte Brabander

April is going to be a very busy month for me. I'll be playing three live poker events. My first is going to be in Namur, Belgium at the PokerStars Belgian Poker Series. I'll be playing a side event while playing Counterstrike on a Lan party against all comers. So I'll be training my virtual shooting skills a lot the next days!

The second event I'll play is the Main Event at PokerStars EPT Berlin. It will be my first EPT Main Event ever, so I plan to go in prepared and take my time for every decision I make. There's also going to be a video crew following me for a program on national television. So I will get to see how nervous I'll be on national TV afterwards! My last event this month will be the PokerStars Women Live event in Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo 2010 was my first event ever, so I'm very happy I am going back! It's one of my favorite locations because of all the glitter and glamour. It's going to be amazing and I'm also looking forward to all the EPT parties. With no doubt they are the best parties ever. I hope to see some of you at my table!

Charlotte van Brabander
@PokerStars in PS Women