Love fades but poker sparkles with Zoom poker

PS Women logo.jpgPutting on make-up, touching up our manicure, long phone conversations--they're all characteristic of one of two things--a new romance or an uneventful online poker game. When we're primping for a night out and talking to that special someone on the phone the flush of romance wraps us in a warm glow. But when we're folding hand after hand and just waiting for other players to play while we watch, it's not a warm glow but a wet blanket that envelops us.

As experienced players we realize that times like these are just part of the game, but that doesn't stop us from remembering those first few times we played poker and how exciting it was. The cards zipped by, hand after hand, every one exciting. The anticipation, the excitement--that was what got us into poker in the first place. But after a while we settle in for the long run and realize that as in love, poker can't always stay that exciting. Or can it?

With the debut last week of the full launch of Zoom on the PokerStars client, players are enjoying a fast paced, no waiting poker experience that brings back all of that excitement. After an extremely successful beta release in March, the games are now available for No Limit Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and Five Card Draw. A range of limits is also available.

The most exciting element of zoom is that it's fast, so unlike a traditional ring game, Zoom players don't choose a table but are seated at an available table as players are moved from one to another. As players fold their hands, they are moved to another table instantly. Multi-tabling is also available for up to four tables. If a player chooses not to play a hand, she's moved to another table with a new hand. It's quick, it's fun, and for those who want to maximize their hands (and profits) it's the ultimate poker experience.
Daniel Negreneau is a big fan of Zoom and his video demo below is a great way to learn more about it as he demonstrates how it all works. Daniel explains here why Zoom is a great choice for both recreational players and pros: "Recreational players, who want more constant action, will be able to fold instantly and wait for better hands, while pro grinders will be able to get in hundreds more hands per hour and win more. On top of all that, it's just so much fun to play!"

And for those of you on the go, Zoom is now available on the PokerStars Mobile App for Android devices, so you can play anytime anywhere.

For more on Zoom, see Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu's strategy tips.

And for advice on how to keep the glow alive in love? My best advice is to find a man who loves poker.


Rebekah Mercer
@PokerStars in PS Women