Playing as a bounty in the Women's Poker League

I hope all of you ladies have the opportunity to play in the Women's Poker League this November. It's a great series of little buy-in tournaments starting from $0.10 up to $5.50. It is a fun opportunity to take a shot at great prizes, and meanwhile also meet poker players from all over the world who share the same passion as you.

PokerStars women Team Pro and PokerStars Friends are also trying to participate and we all have a bounty on our head. You can recognize these players by the little red spade beside our names. It's cool for you ladies because in a $5 tourney you can win $20 by busting one of us. For us pros it's a fun challenge because when we're in the hand we always get a lot of action. So we're less able to bluff someone out of a pot because of the price someone gets when it goes to showdown and wins. Four times the buy in ... that's a nice bounty if you ask me!

It makes us, especially me, play a little tighter - so much for giving away my strategy! But oh well, I might try to take advantage of that bounty image to trap you ladies when I have a monster hand.... It's more likely you won't fold when I put you all-in, if for example you have a draw against my nuts. So I can play pretty aggressive. This is why I love poker! The strategy constantly evolves!


Another great thing about this league is that you normally don't get the likes of Vanessa Rousso, or Liv Boeree on your table when you're playing a 10 dollar cent tourney! So take your chance to ask questions to us in the chat! I love chatting in female tournaments. Women in poker are all part of a big family. We have all the same issues in this men's world, so that makes us connected in a special way if you ask me.

When you play in the Women's Poker League you'll also get a ticket to a Team Pro Bounty Freeroll on December 8 where you can win a PCA ticket! I've been trying to get that ticket, so you'll probably see me in that Freeroll battling for it.

I Hope I see a lot of you ladies at my table! I'm very busy with university as I decided to take on another extra year, but I will try to play as much WPL's as possible, and yes even the $0.10$ :D!

Good luck to you all and see you at the tables !!!

Read more about the Team Pro November on the Women's Poker League page.

Charlotte van Brabander
@PokerStars in PS Women