PokerStars Women's Poker League: sommerkind19 and annamfa post stellar results

League logo.jpgThere were 31 days in March; it would have been tough for any player to compete in all three Women's Poker League divisions, much less do well in all three of them on a regular basis. In addition to bankroll considerations, it takes good time management to play in multiple divisions almost daily. To call it a challenge would be an understatement.

One player did just that in March. Sommerkind19 of Germany set out to play all three divisions and not only did well but finished in the top 10 of them all. She finished seventh in the $.10 league, fifth in the $1.10 league, and eighth in the $5.50 division. Her results showed that she played in 81 tournaments total, and her performances dictated $250 in bonus money from the WPL. She, indeed, stepped up to the challenge and had the results to prove it.

Annamfa of Hungary also had quite the month, as she won the $5.50 league and finished in eighth place in the $.10 league, accumulating $530 in bonus cash from the 97 tournaments that put her in the top 10 in two divisions.

There were other stars this month as well. AkaSue won the $.10 league, blanckaa17 took the top spot in the $1.10, and annamfa claimed first place in the $5.50 division. Thousands of dollars were awarded, in addition to tickets to the $10K Grand Final. Those tickets were awarded to the winner of the $.10 league, top five players in the $1.10 league, and top 10 of the $5.50 division.

Let's get to the results:

$.10 League

On the 16th of March, Jafra2008 was in the lead with 15 tournaments played and 84 points accumulated. Bebellaa was close behind with 80, and horsewoman72 was on her heels with 79 points. But two weeks later, Aka Sue jumped from fourth place to first with 26 tournaments played and 145 points in total. Horsewoman72 nosed into second place with 120 points, and Jafra2008 was tied with her, while PeraD was in fourth and valyayastreb took fifth.

The final rankings showed Aka Sue of Australia able to maintain that lead and take first place in the league with 31 tournaments played and an astounding 185 points. Horsewoman72 of Canada stayed in second with 30 tournaments and 138 points, while valyayastreb of Russia climbed in third place with 136 points for her 30 tournaments.

Flag - Australia.gif

In the country tally, Australia took number one but Germany had three players in the top 10 this month, while Canada and Ukraine each had two spots.

March Top 10:

1st place: Aka Sue (Australia) - 31 tournaments, 185 points = $100
2nd place: horsewoman72 (Canada) - 30 tournaments, 138 points = $90
3rd place: valyayastreb (Russia) - 30 tournaments, 136 points = $80
4th place: sonya2012 (Ukraine) - 27 tournaments, 135 points = $70
5th place: Jafra2008 (Germany) - 30 tournaments, 133 points = $55 (TIE)
5th place: PeraD (Germany) - 29 tournaments, 133 points = $55 (TIE)
7th place: sommerkind19 (Germany) - 27 tournaments, 127 points = $40
8th place: annamfa (Hungary) - 31 tournaments, 121 points = $30
9th place: FastBeauty (Ukraine) - 31 tournaments, 115 points = $20
10th place: Michael1920 (Canada) - 31 tournaments, 112 points = $15

$1.10 League

This league was a bit tighter in the middle stages of the month, but some breakout players took over toward the end. With one week to go in the month, blanckaa17 had the lead with 25 tournaments and 166 points, while GrowlingFrog was in distance second with 147 points and the same number of tournaments played. Pantonton was in third with 143 points and only 20 tournaments played.

Blanckaa17 of Mexico held on to the lead, played three more tournaments, and ended the month with 188 points. Pantonton, also from Mexico, moved up to second place with 23 tournaments and 175 points, and Viki991123 of Bulgaria took over third place with 170 points for her 31 tournaments. GrowlingFrog ended up finishing in fourth place.

Flag - Mexico.gif

Mexico claimed the top two spots on this leaderboard in March, and no other country had more than one player in the top 10. It should also be noted that maadcaroma finished sixth this month and sixth in this same division last month.

March Top 10:

1st place: blanckaa17 (Mexico) - 28 tournaments, 188 points = $250
2nd place: pantonton (Mexico) - 23 tournaments, 175 points = $170
3rd place: Viki991123 (Bulgaria) - 31 tournaments, 170 points = $140
4th place: GrowlingFrog (Australia) - 30 tournaments, 166 points = $120
5th place: sommerkind19 (Germany) - 30 tournaments, 152 points = $100
6th place: maadcaroma (Portugal) - 31 tournaments, 141 points = $90
7th place: vanessa10101 (Romania) - 31 tournaments, 140 points = $80
8th place: pengwin402 (Canada) - 28 tournaments, 136 points = $60
9th place: Marysvk (Slovakia) - 26 tournaments, 124 points = $50
10th place: KOKIRITA (Argentina) - 30 tournaments, 123 points = $40

$5.50 League

The mid-month numbers showed annamfa working on first place with 110 points from her 15 tournaments, but sommerkind19 was close behind with 104 points for the same number of games. BubblesxoOo had 101 points, and pipilanstrun had 100. Ten days later, annamfa only extended her lead to 214 points, while sommerkind19 fell to sixth place and pipilanstrun was tied for tenth. CrazyKluv had moved into second with 180 points, and ElfinDance catapulted into the top ten to take third.

When the month was complete, annamfa of Hungary remained in the far-and-away lead, finishing with 31 tournaments and 233 corresponding points. ElfinDance of Estonia jumped into second place with 27 tournaments and 203 points, and Ukraine's vikulinka soared from tenth all the way to third with 202 points. CrazyKluv ended up in fourth, and sommerkind19 took eighth.

Flag - Hungary.gif

Hungary's player won the division, but Germany again had three players in the top 10. Thus, Germany had the most players on the top of the leaderboards cumulatively in all three divisions.

March Top 10:

1st place: annamfa (Hungary) - 31 tournaments, 233 points = $500
2nd place: ElfinDance (Estonia) - 27 tournaments, 203 points = $300
3rd place: vikulinka (Ukraine) - 31 tournaments, 202 points = $220
4th place: CrazyKluv (Belarus) - 30 tournaments, 195 points = $170
5th place: Stella796 (Germany) - 29 tournaments, 183 points = $150
6th place: zemlyanikasw (Russia) - 31 tournaments, 178 points = $140
7th place: CUTIE QUEEN (Greece) - 25 tournaments, 177 points = $130
8th place: sommerkind19 (Germany) - 31 tournaments, 173 points = $110
9th place: KKassiAA (Brazil) - 30 tournaments, 170 points = $90
10th place: Richstone78 (Germany) - 26 tournaments, 166 points = $50

Information about the PokerStars Women's Poker League is provided on the home page, and current league standings are listed on the rankings page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in PS Women