Pro advice on how to play and win in 2012 SCOOP series

SCOOP logo 2010.gifWhat do the pros say about the upcoming Spring Championship of Online Poker? And by the way, can they give us some advice on how to plan and play them? That was what we asked Team PokerStars Pros Celina Lin, Ana Marquez, Fatima Moreira de Melo, and Viviam Im. Friend of PokerStars player Charlotte Van Brabander also weighed in with some comments on how to make this the best year ever for female players. They gave us lots of great tips, but first, if you're unaware of how the series works, here are a few details to keep in mind.

SCOOP runs from May 6-20 with 40 events and a wide range of games available. The guaranteed prize pool for the event is a massive $30,000,000. Another thing that makes it so attractive for players is the fact that there are low, medium, and high buy-ins for every event, making it easier for new players and those with limited bankrolls to win a championship. Satellites are running for each event, and you can get into the action and win a championship title for as little as $0.25. And to add icing to the cake, in addition to the huge payouts, there's a commemorative watch awarded to each champion.

As an added plus for PokerStars Women players, there is a $5.50 women only satellite on May 20 that will award seats to the $109 SCOOP Main Event, with five seats guaranteed. It's tournament 549526036 at 13:00 ET.

So get ready, take notes, and start charting your course to a championship win.

PokerStars Women: What do you enjoy or look forward to the most about SCOOP?

Celina: I love the fact that SCOOP doesn't restrict players based on their bankrolls and offers great guaranteed prize pools.

Ana: The prize pools. Not only are there going to a lot of big buy-ins with nice first prizes, but also every regular tournament is going to have their prizes increased.

Fatima: After a season of live poker, it's awesome to be able to play great tournaments from the convenience of my home!

Vivian: SCOOP is a series that only runs once a year, so it's something that all tournament players look forward to. It's also fun to wonder about who the champions will be this year, and of course, I'll also be hoping I can grab a title of my own!

Charlotte: I love the large fields! So many different buy-ins and players from all over the world.

PokerStars Women: What's the biggest challenge in playing SCOOP?

Celina: Stamina to play it all! Some players may be ambitious enough to play all 120 events in fourteen days.

Ana: Keeping your A game on for so many hours is the hardest, especially because the later hours are the most tiring, but also the most important.


Ana Marquez

Fatima: To keep a straight head when the tournament runs for hours and hours because of the big fields.

Vivian: There are so many more tables than live tournaments and moving around tables occurs much more often, so it's harder to figure out opponents. It's also easy to lose focus when you're sitting in front of a computer for a long time. And in my case, I play tighter online. So it gets boring waiting for hands.

Charlotte: The bathroom breaks are short!


PokerStars Women: Do you have some strategies you could share with us for someone who hasn't played SCOOP?

Celina: Satellite into the higher buy-ins, they are running around the clock.

Ana: Play conservatively throughout most of the tournament. There are a lot of people, and the structures are better than other tournaments.

Fatima: Make sure you're well rested if you plan to play a lot of tournaments.

Vivian: It's important to plan the events you want to play beforehand. That way, you can play the satellites that are running for all events. Satellites are definitely a good way to play for a cheap price.

Two weeks of tournaments is quite a long period, so I like to make a daily schedule for SCOOP and check every day to see that I'm on track. Also many of the tournaments are deep stacks, running into the second day, so it's important to stay in good condition to play your A game.

Charlotte: Take some Red Bull in advance! You might need it! Also, leave the player chat on so you can have a laugh now and then.

And a final couple of comments that sum up the whole SCOOP experience from Ana and Charlotte:

Ana: Everyone should be excited to have a series of online tournaments like this, I can't wait!

Charlotte: When you make a big cash or win a SCOOP tournament, you make a name for yourself!

Log on this weekend along with all the pros mentioned above and many others to play in one of the most exciting tournament series in the world. For more details about the series and tournament times see the SCOOP homepage.

And for details on upcoming events and promotions see PokerStars Women.

Rebekah Mercer
@PokerStars in PS Women