PS Women in August: Fun with Pinterest, weeklies, and in Barcelona

PS Women logo.jpgThe most fun for PokerStars Women in August was the Pinterest competition. We wanted to show how the PokerStars Mobile app made the summer more fun for a lot of our players, and we were surprised at the number of outstanding photos we received! Check out all of our Pinterest boards for pictures of PokerStars players, events, and parties.

Women's Tuesday

We had an exciting month of Women's Tuesday events, as the weekly $11 6-max NLHE tournament has grown into a fixture on many players' schedules. Here is the list of August events and the final table players and payouts:

August 7
Players: 114
Prize pool: $1,140
1st place: trout3344 (UK) - $296.40
2nd place: RaBBiTGiRL (Malta) - $199.50
3rd place: 2 fun shapes (UK) - $148.20
4th place: transito67 (Romania) - $96.90
5th place: mpmaniac (Canada) - $74.10
6th place: rus028 (Russia) - $51.30

August 14
Players: 96
Prize pool: $1,000
1st place: BarborkaRec (Poland) - $260.00
2nd place: MCathy68 (Mauritius) - $175.00
3rd place: mandrulyte (Lithuania) - $130.00
4th place: gamblegoddes (Canada) - $85.00
5th place: irinicy1980 (Cyprus) - $65.00
6th place: karhobbit60 (Canada) - $45.00

August 21
Players: 109
Prize pool: $1,090
1st place: carrietta (Russia) - $283.43
2nd place: jillmell (Sweden) - $190.75
3rd place: ARRRTA (Romania) - $141.70
4th place: ANYNHA437 (Brazil) - $92.65
5th place: jamjars69 (UK) - $70.85
6th place: Lady Polaris (UK) - $49.05

August 28
Players: 105
Prize pool: $1,050
1st place: toni__pet (UK) - $273.03
2nd place: KittyKATWIN (Germany) - $183.75
3rd place: Nautiliusss (Germany) - $136.50
4th place: skynet777 (Canada) - $89.25
5th place: ludcom (Russia) - $68.25
6th place: Friend of PokerStars Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander (Belgium) - $47.25

Women's Sunday

The weekly Women's Sunday $55 NLHE tournaments showcased a few players who either made their way to the winner's circle for the first time or made several final tables consecutively. Friend of PokerStars Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander had the chance to shine at in the August 26 event by finishing second, and coincidentally, two days later, she final tabled the Women's Tuesday.

Charlotte Van Brabander.jpg

Pkrbadgirl is one of the women who had a great month in the Women's Sunday tournaments. She finished in third place on August 12, third again on August 19, and ninth on August 26. Three final tables in a row is no easy feat! We had the chance to chat with her about her poker life.

Jacqueline "pkrbadgirl" Garvie lives in Scotland and has been playing poker for about five or six years, but it wasn't until a year ago that the 35-year-old "got serious" about her game. Her background as a casino worker gave her the urge to play, though she had played card games since her childhood. More than a year on the road for travel gave her more time to play, and she deposited to an online poker site to play £2 MTTs, which led her to PokerStars where she "learned to play properly."

Many would be frustrated with three Women's Sunday final tables and no victory as of yet, but Jacqueline is grateful for her results. "I really couldn't be more delighted" with three final tables in a row, she said. Her strategy was simple, to "take each hand as it comes using all my knowledge and experience." She did add that she hopes to win flips when it counts. As she continues to play, her goals are also simple: "Improve and profit! I don't care which order." We're looking forward to seeing more of pkrbadgirl at the tables.

Here is a list of the August Women's Sunday results:

August 5
Players: 215
Prize pool: $10,750
Winner: luaazul3 (Brazil) - $2,198.48

August 12
Players: 250
Prize pool: $12,500
Winner: S00Z (UK) - $2,556.25

August 19
Players: 204
Prize pool: $10,200
Winner: spookikiki (UK) - $2,085.90

August 26
Players: 225
Prize pool: $11,250
Winner: minko23 (Canada) - $2,300.73

EPT Barcelona stole the show

The big news in August was the kickoff of Season 9 of the European Poker Tour. It all happened in Barcelona, and there was quite a bit of news that emerged from the scene. Before most of the action even began, the formation of the European Players Council was announced, and the nine-member council featured two women - Xuan Liu and Team Pro Ana Marquez.

When more players arrived in Barcelona, the PS Women Live event began. The tournament boasted of 63 players and had an exciting final table. Charlotte Van Brabander made the final table and finished eighth, Leo Margets finished seventh, and the tournament ended with a chip-and-a-chair victory for Liya Gerasimova.

Liya Gerasimova.jpg

One of the players in that event was Evangelia Triantafyllaki, known to most on PokerStars as _valitsaki_. She had an amazing month of July that included a Women's Sunday victory and first place in a PS Women Live satellite. She won the prize package that sent her to Barcelona for the EPT Ladies Event.

The 25-year old poker player from Greece currently lives in Nea makri, a suburb of Athens, but she is in the process of moving to Nottingham, United Kingdom, for postgraduate studies. Her part-time poker hobby dates back to three years ago when she joined her brothers and friends in Vienna, Austria, for a poker tournament. They helped her with the rules, she played a side event, and that was it. "I loved the game and started playing."

Evangelia took quickly to the game, and though she only plays part time, she has accumulated quite the skill set. She plays the Women's Sunday aggressively, which led to her win there. In the satellites, however, she used a different (and secret!) strategy since the fields are small and she tends to know many of those players.

She enjoyed her trip to Barcelona and described it as "very pleasant and constructive." She explained, "It was more like a poker festival due to the quantity and variety of side events. Additionally, the presence of so many famous players gave more 'glory' to this already huge event." Going forward, she hopes to continue playing on PokerStars on Sundays, despite her upcoming busy school schedule. And watch out for her in those satellites when she decides she needs another poker getaway!

Another player who enjoyed her time in Barcelona was Team SportsStars member Fatima Moreira de Melo. She made a deep run in the Main Event, heading all the way to Day 5 and ultimately finishing in 16th place for €34,650. Some of her feelings were described in this article from the live reporting team. From a field of more than 1,000 players, that kind of finish is a win in our book. Congrats, Fatima!

Fatima de Melo 2.jpg

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Jen Newell
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