PS Women in July: Selbst rules live, new winners rule online

PS Women logo.jpgKeeping up with the news at PokerStars Women is made more complicated but much more exciting when big things happen. Vanessa Selbst wins her second WSOP bracelet. Vicky Coren interviews Rafael Nadal. Players like ShowMustG00n and kassike win Women's Sunday titles. We tracked it all so we could bring you one solid recap of the month of July. Here ya go!

Women Excel in MicroMillions II

The big online poker series of the month was the highly-anticipated MicroMillions II, the series that allows players to compete for big guarantees for micro-level buy-ins. Out of the approximately 300K players in the 100 tournaments, two women finished in the top 10 on the overall leaderboard, and two women won titles. Rebekah Mercer covered those accomplishments in this article as July came to an end.

Women's Tuesday

As the Women's Tuesday begins to draw a stronger weekly following, names become familiar as they continue to do well. Aussteiger13, _Medicate_~0, and HUSTLheR0 are a few of the players who seem to show up regularly. Here is the list of final tablists from all of the July events:

July 3
Players: 108
Prize pool: $1,080
1st: poisonivy753 (Netherlands) - $280.80
2nd: ronitis (Latvia) - $189.00
3rd: aldram (Sweden) - $140.40
4th: diosa34 (Argentina) - $91.80
5th: A_FT_2004 (Germany) - $70.20
6th: shawrmaking (Canada) - $48.60

July 10
Players: 111
Prize pool: $1,110
1st: _Medicate_~0 (Russia) - $288.63
2nd: Scorpaenopsy (Australia) - $194.25
3rd: L Glamurka (Belarus) - $144.30
4th: RadeksAbout (Canada) - $94.35
5th: Aussteiger13 (Germany) - $72.15
6th: mpmaniac (Canada) - $49.95

July 17
Players: 127
Prize pool: $1,270
1st: susurina (Switzerland) - $330.23
2nd: laddyshark (Romania) - $222.25
3rd: mona58 (Switzerland) - $165.10
4th: HUSTLheR0 (Canada) - $107.95
5th: 14082011 (Romania) - $82.55
6th: RadeksAbout (Canada) - $57.15

July 24
Players: 103
Prize pool: $1,030
1st: Lusia813 (Ukraine) - $267.83
2nd: mymoon4ik (Russia) - $180.25
3rd: cardreader64 (Estonia) - $133.90
4th: XrealStuckyX (Ireland) - $87.55
5th: Nuttynut15 (Portugal) - $66.95
6th: AnteshL (Belarus) - $46.35

July 31
Players: 116
Prize pool: $1,160
1st place: Nokkinokki (Netherlands) - $301.60
2nd place: Cami Star620 (Peru) - $203.00
3rd place: Agaa22 (Latvia) - $150.80
4th place: Scorpaenopsy (Australia) - $98.60)
5th place: debich (Czech Republic) - $75.40
6th place: joy7108 (Canada) - $52.20

Women's Sunday

There were some very exciting Women's Sunday tournaments in July, with some players making second and third final tables. The most interesting was the July 1 event, as Team PokerStars Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome made her second final table in a row, and winner ShowMustG00n came back from second place just the week before. Two players at the final table two weeks in a row was fun to watch!

Adrienne Rowsome.jpg

July 1
Players: 182
Prize pool: $10,000
Winner: ShowMustG00n (Ukraine) - $1,950.00

July 8
Players: 207
Prize pool: $10,350
Winner: _valitsaki_ (Greece) - $2,116.68

July 15
Players: 207
Prize pool: $10,350
Winner: damnluckyy (Turkey) - $2,116.68

July 22
Players: 204
Prize pool: $10,200
Winner: kassike (Estonia) - $2,085.90

July 29
Players: 207
Prize pool: $10,350
Winner: t0beR1cH (Russia) - $1,834.59

The July 15 Women's Sunday had a familiar name finishing in fourth place. Dasultanz not only performed well in that tournament but won a PS Women Live prize package to travel to Barcelona and play in the Ladies Event later this month. Dasultanz lives just outside the capital of Luxembourg and has been playing poker for about six years. She agreed to talk to us about her recent poker successes.

"I used to play five-card draw with my grandfather and my family when I was very little," she said. When she got into poker herself, she admitted to spending half of her time in a "combination of ignorant bliss and extreme tilt" before realizing that they impeded her success. Now she plays regularly and balances her poker with her day job.

The Women's Sunday final table was a tough road, but she entered as the chip leader. "I remember thinking it was time to wield that stack a little, and to my demise, I made a rather loose raise from UTG+1, and my flush that hit on the turn ran into the nut flush of CheldeHareh. I just about halved my stack in the first few hands of the final table." This was that hand:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Dasultanz continued, "From then on, I was pretty much card dead, and on top of that, when the eventual winner damnluckyy got to be the chip leader, she started utilizing that stack very effectively, always raising and three-betting. I finally pushed with A-J with about 12 big blinds and got called by A-7 and K-T. As it happened both of them beat me, so I was out in fourth." She won $879.75 for that finish.

She was also hard at work winning a trip to Barcelona. Dasultanz started with a €22 satellite and won her way into the weekly €215 qualifier. She explained that it was a tough game with ups and downs, and she took some "unfortunate" beats, as she called them, when her pocket aces lost to Q-J, and her A-J lost to Q-J. "I found myself with 8 big blinds with six or seven players left and pretty much started to give up on the whole thing," she admitted. "But I managed to double through on a flip and then tripled, so I was back in the game." Dasultanz said that the player who gave her the most trouble was _valitsaki" of Greece, who ended of winning her prize package to Barcelona two weeks later. "She really deserves it," said dasultanz.

She excitedly offered some advice to other women on PokerStars. "I can wholeheartedly recommend to actively play in the satellites because the rewards are awesome," said dasultanz, who won prize packages to PCA and Monte Carlo in the past. "This is one of the best ways not just to have a great trip and experience a place where you may not have been to before, but it's also great to gain live poker experience in an all-women setting. ... I am probably an exception because I'm extremely shy, but I say do it; you have nothing to lose! It's fun and other players are more appreciative of beginners than perhaps they would be in a mixed gender tournament."

You'll find dasultanz in Barcelona in the Ladies Event, and always on PokerStars. She primarily plays heads-up SNGs but intends to focus more on tournaments going forward.

Selbst and Coren in the News

The first part of July saw the World Series of Poker wrapping up in Las Vegas, but Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst wasn't done. She started the WSOP with a fourth place finish in Event 2, but she obviously wanted to do better. So she did. She entered Event 52, a $2,500 10-Game tournament, despite the fact that she wasn't overly familiar with all of the games. She proceeded to dominate, run over the final table, and win her second WSOP bracelet. Incredible!

Selbst WSOP bracelet.jpg

Selbst then went deep in the WSOP Main Event, finishing in 75th place out of 6,598 players. Her stellar finish prompted the legendary Doyle Brunson to tweet, "Looks like Vanessa Selbst may be in the same league as Phil Ivey." Quite the compliment, indeed.

The other female Team Pro making big news in the month of July was Victoria Coren. She had the chance to interview the newest Team PokerStars SportsStar Rafael Nadal about sports, skills, tennis, and poker. Click here for the video and written transcript of the very interesting interview.

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