PS Women in June: Ladies lead in Las Vegas, Macau, and online

PS Women logo.jpgIf you followed PokerStars Women in June, you know that there was a lot of news. Big news. Celina Lin made history in Macau, and more women made huge strides in Las Vegas. We're going to try to summarize it here for those who missed some of it, as well as for those who need a reminder of what a historic month it really was.

Women's Tuesday

Women's Tuesday pic.jpg

First, let's list the winners and final tablists of the $11 Women's Tuesday 6-max NLHE tournaments in June. The weekly $1K guarantee continues to draw players from around the world:

June 5
Players: 110
Prize pool: $1,100
Paid: 18

1st: chelle_can (Canada) - $286.00
2nd: HUSTLheR0 (Canada) - $192.50
3rd: SpringSmile (Latvia) - $143.00
4th: lianalu (Canada) - $93.50
5th: Anais2136 (Mexico) - $71.50
6th: AMN77 (Russia) - $49.50

June 12
Players: 101
Prize pool: $1,010
Paid: 18

1st: BrujitaFina (Columbia) - $262.63
2nd: ChristinMari (Netherlands) - $176.75
3rd: koanju (Hungary) - $131.30
4th: aldram (Sweden) - $85.85
5th: Daya (Estonia) - $65.65
6th: dank555 (Poland) - $45.45

June 19
Players: 104
Prize pool: $1,040
Paid: 18

1st: LeSenorita88 (Germany) - $270.40
2nd: marinutsa1 (Romania) - $182.00
3rd: mikrh23 (Greece) - $135.20
4th: Princesa (Argentina) - $88.40
5th: Ania_Iris (Poland) - $67.60
6th: HeavenKQ (Sweden) - $46.80

June 26
Players: 106
Prize pool: $1,060
Paid: 18

1st: VikaLeto (Russia) - $275.60
2nd: rrweedrr (Switzerland) - $185.50
3rd: asenna60 (UK) - $137.80
4th: CrazyKluv (Belarus) - $90.10
5th: vugugu (Lithuania) - $68.90
6th: Aluunka (Czech Republic) - $47.70

The second place finisher on June 5 was HUSTLheR0, and you might recognize her name from women's tournaments or the Women's Poker League. Zinzi de Silva is a Toronto native who plays on PokerStars as HUSTLheR0.

She first took an interest in poker when in Las Vegas with university friend goleafsgo7, at which point she met Thuy Doan. They became fast friends and Thuy saw poker potential in Zinzi, so they corresponded. Thuy then passed away last year. "As when someone young and amazing passes before their time, it causes one to reflect," said Zinzi. "Thuy's death definitely made me reconsider the fragility of time and led me to commit myself to put more effort into poker and put in 'werrrk' when I could. Within 30 days of my revelation, through Stars' fantastic satellite system, I found myself to the left and then the right of Queen of the Vic, Vicky Coren, playing my first $1K live event. Since then, I've been very disciplined at learning more each day about the game."

Much of her grown has come through online play. "As I'm in the infancy/childhood development stages of being a decent poker player, PS Women tournaments provide a fantastic ground to build a bankroll while being in a competitive environment. The buy-ins are affordable, and the female-only environment I find very supportive."

Despite her success so far, she is humble and seeks nothing less than becoming Number One. "I think that mindset is a driving factor in why my results are consistently getting better," Zinzi admitted. "My drive and focus on winning has increased my appetite for learning optimal strategy and analyzing what I am doing wrong."

Zinzi continues to play live and online. Her proudest poker accomplishment to date was winning an annual poker tournament at the university where she worked, becoming the first woman - and woman of color - to do so in the 200-plus-player field full of champions and grinders. But in her sights is the Women's Sunday, which she aims to win in the near future. Taking her game to the next level is her driving force, so keep an eye on HUSTLheR0. She's got her eyes on the prize.

Women's Sunday

As the month presented one opportunity after another in the $55 Women's Sunday tournaments, players returned each week with more determination. And in the middle of it all, Half Price Sunday offered women the chance to play their favorite event for half the usual price, which brought an entirely new set of players into action.

June 3
Players: 215
Prize pool: $10,750
Winner: Monkey877 (Slovakia) - $2,198.48

June 10
Players: 215
Prize pool: $10,750
Winner: donotXme (Netherlands) - $2,029.56 (part of two-way deal with stefy811)

June 17 (Half Price Sunday)
Players: 583
Prize pool: $14,575
Winner: ttoblass (Russia) - $2,733.13

June 24
Players: 206
Prize pool: $10,300
Winner: Asteisa (Lithuania) - $2,106.35

The June 3rd Women's Sunday winner is a 42-year-old resident of Dolny Kubin, Slovakia. Perla started playing poker 2.5 years ago with her husband and adult daughters. The family affair led to a desire for Perla to compare her skills to other female players on PokerStars. She started with open MTTs and added the Women's Sunday to her list of goals.

Perla told us that her Women's Sunday tournament on June 3 started normally, with her initial intent to get into the money. She did that and made the final table, then on to heads-up with borileave, who had the chip lead. "I knew she was very aggressive because I played with her at the same table for quite a long time," Perla recalled. "My idea was to beat her with her style, playing aggressively and not allowing her to see the flop. My idea was 100%, as we saw the flop only in the last hand of the tournament."

WS FT 06.03.12.JPG

And when she caught the three on the turn of that final board to win? "Satisfaction!" she said. And she wasn't done. She qualified for EPT Barcelona on June 17, starting with a €4.40 qualifier, winning a €530 ticket, then the final prize package. "So I want to say that now I am satisfied, too, with my online poker results."

See you in Barcelona, Perla!

Women Win All Over the World

Smack dab in the middle of June, history was made in Macau. Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin fought through a six-hour heads-up match at the Macau Poker Cup's Red Dragon Main Event to win her second title. It was a huge accomplishment for her as a woman but moreover as a professional player, as no other player of either gender had accomplished such a feat.

Celina Lin 2-time champ 2.jpg

The following day in Las Vegas, the WSOP saw Allyn Jaffrey Shulman win a WSOP bracelet in an open-gender field, courtesy of the Seniors NLHE Championship. Her win was a sweet one as well.

Team PokerStars Pros were enjoying their time in Las Vegas as well, and a prop bet led to Team Pro Liv Boeree picking a costume for fellow Pro Vanessa Rousso to wear to the WSOP for a day. It was a roach outfit, but she took her end of the bet in good spirits.

And if anyone thought June was jam-packed with excitement, they were unprepared for July, which already started with this amazing win from Team Pro Vanessa Selbst. But that's July news, so we'll have more on her historic victory in next month's recap. Stay tuned!

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Jen Newell
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