PS Women in May: Pros to Vegas, Sisa4ok wins second Women's Sunday title

PS Women logo.jpgMay was an exciting month for PokerStars Women. We watched some of our Team Pros head off to Las Vegas for a summer of live poker as the majority of our players put forth some great efforts online, most notably in the Women's Sunday and Women's Tuesday events. Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Since the first day of May was a Tuesday, we'll start with a recap of the $11 Women's Tuesday 6-max NLHE events. Each tournament had a $1K guarantee, but the number of players created a bigger prize pool every week.

May 1
Players: 107
Prize pool: $1,070

1st: FlushThis101 (Belgium) - $278.23
2nd: Martina2106 (Slovakia) - $187.25
3rd: zemlyanikasw (Russia) - $139.10
4th: gygygygy (Hungary) - $90.95
5th: Thor_077 (Romania) - $69.55
6th: GoldMB (Norway) - $48.15

May 8
Players: 133
Prize pool: $1,330

1st: aldram (Sweden) - $345.83
2nd: mikrh23 (Greece) - $232.75
3rd: PSmiss (Netherlands) - $172.90
4th: CamiStar620 (Peru) - $113.05
5th: iculook (Canada) - $86.45
6th: Star1Buck (UK) - $59.85

May 15
Players: 107
Prize pool: $1,070

1st: zemlyanikasw (Russia) - $278.23
2nd: floplady (Switzerland) - $187.25
3rd: alinevod (Belarus) - $139.10
4th: oep0828 (South Korea) - $90.95
5th: Blazeol (Belarus) - $69.55
6th: Electra888 (Czech Republic) - $48.15

May 22
Players: 113
Prize pool: $1,130

1st: stunningfifa (Russia) - $293.83
2nd: Paybackplz (Russia) - $197.75
3rd: vddann (Belgium) - $146.90
4th: Meztizida (Ukraine) - $96.05
5th: Xymelis (Estonia) - $73.45
6th: johnp1471 (UK) - $50.85

May 29
Players: 114
Prize pool: $1,140

1st: 77Goodvin77 (Russia) - $296.40
2nd: mikrh23 (Greece) - $199.50
3rd: passea (Switzerland) - $148.20
4th: PSmiss (Netherlands) - $96.90
5th: iculook (Canada) - $74.10
6th: damnluckyy (Turkey) - $51.30

PSmiss has become a regular on the Women's Tuesday final tables, making two in May alone. But you might also recognize her name from her frequent top 10 finishes in the Women's Poker League. She recently finished in the top 10 in April and May in the WPL's $5.50 division.

We spoke briefly to Annemarie, better known to her online competitors as PSmiss. The 39-year old player from Holland has been playing poker for about eight years but began to take her game more seriously with the WPL this year. "I like the WPL because I like poker and rankings are something extra," she explained of the competition in the League. "I like the $5.50 division because it seems more serious than the others." Others may disagree, but PSmiss seems to have found her niche, and it's paying off in WPL bonuses.

When asked how she plays so well every month, she responded, "I'm a real tournament player, and it is a good feeling to final table. I learn every day, and I'm good ... but good advice is always welcome!" She laughed, but there's no doubt that her confidence plays an important role in her Women's Tuesday and WPL successes.

Sunday, money Sunday

The $55 Women's Sunday is still going strong as a staple on the weekly tournament schedule, with its $10K guarantee and $50 Team Pro bounties. The results for the events in the month of May were:

May 6
Players: 242
Prize pool: $12,100
Winner: StarlingC (Mexico) - $2,474.45

May 13
Players: 221
Prize pool: $11,050
Winner: Gustawa (Czech Republic) - $2,259.83

May 20
Players: 204
Prize pool: $10,200
Winner: Sisa4ok (Ukraine) - $2,085.90

May 27
Players: 204
Prize pool: $10,200
Winner: Cosita Rica (Panama) - $2,055.33

StarlingC, the winner of the May 6 Women's Sunday, told us that she's attracted to the tournament because of the guarantee and the women-only field. Clarice has been playing poker for five years and recently moved to Mexico from the United States so she could continue to play online poker. Her current home in Rosarito allows her to play regularly on PokerStars.

WS FT 05.06.12.JPG

The Women's Sunday was a gratifying win for her. "It felt great!" she admitted. "I have been trying to win that thing for the last five months!" As she told us about her victory, she took the time to explain one of the most memorable hands from the tournament:

"The blinds were 600/1,200," she began. "Luzzzy was in the small blind with around 27K and raised my big blind. I was sitting with K♥J♥ with a 34K stack. She had shoved on me in the past when I three-bet her blind steal, so I decided to just call this time since I didn't feel like getting into a shoving match at the time. The board came J♦8♦A♣, I flopped the jack on an ace-high board with a flush draw and straight draw. I figured an ace was in her range, but she had been playing very loose, so I thought my jack might still be good. She bet 1/3 of the pot, and I called, thinking if she had the ace she would've bet stronger to protect her hand from a straight or flush. But you never know with these women - LOL! There was also the chance she was on a draw. The turn comes 2♠, and she bet 1/3 of the pot. I decided to flat again, and the river was J♠, giving me the set of jacks. She checked the river, and I bet half the pot, figuring if she did have an ace, she would likely call, but I was expecting a fold. I was surprised that she made the call with king high. She showed K♦2♦ for the missed flush draw, leaving herself about 8bb. My stack went from 34K to around 52K."

Plays like that took StarlingC to the winner's circle, adding a nice $2,474.45 to her bankroll.

What happens in Vegas is on the PokerStars blog

Last but not least, some of the Team PokerStars Pros descended upon Las Vegas in May to prepare for the WSOP. Vanessa Rousso moved into a fabulous home in Nevada, and pros like Vanessa Selbst and Liv Boeree joined her. The "PowerHouse of Dreams" also includes Maria Ho, and the group of women prepared early for a successful summer.

PowerHouse of Dreams.jpg

And it seems to be working. Selbst made the final table of Event 2 and finished in fourth place for more than $160K. That amount also put her over the $5 million mark in career live tournament earnings, which is certainly a fine start to a summer of poker.

As June kicks into high gear, we wish all of the PokerStars Women players the best of luck!

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Jen Newell
@PokerStars in PS Women