Roses are red, violets are blue, I love my Valentine and PokerStars too

Thumbnail image for PS Women logo.jpgOn this day of cards, red roses, love poems, chocolates and glorious commercialism romance, PokerStars Women have been feeling particularly loved-up and happy. Inspired by the story of Liv Boeree and Kevin MacPhee's poker romance we asked women to write to us if they had a poker love story to share. We have been overwhelmed by the response, our PokerStars Women inbox is overflowing with joyful stories of weddings, new babies, and the most romantic way to play two three off suit. It seems that love is sometimes only a mouse-click away at a $0.10/$0.20 NL table.

Take 'ale2568', who was playing at PokerStars and saw some Spanish chat, joined in, and soon shared messenger details with her new friend. She started to spend hours with him playing at PokerStars, she says, "Now we chat regularly with a webcam, we know everything about each other, we laugh, fight, dream, and we fell in love." Ale2568 and her boyfriend may share a language, but they're not in the same country -- she lives in Argentina while he is based in France. She says, "Yesterday was his birthday, I made him a chocolate cake to share with him from a distance, one of those crazy things you do for love! We keep dreaming of our chance to meet in person. This is our love story, I am eternally grateful to PokerStars for this."

We heard many stories of love in faraway places, like gabitagus75 and her boyfriend who have been together since 2004. They both lived in Argentina but lived 300 km apart, so for years they could only ever see each other at weekends. To stay in touch they would meet every night at PokerStars tables. Gabrielle learned to play poker there, she tells us about her happy ending, "We had fun at PokerStars... our love was so strong but now we are married and live together in my city."

'Nanny Show' from Brazil says, "When I met my boyfriend he didn't tell me he was a poker fanatic." She said at first she was jealous of the time he spent playing poker. They are married now, and she suggests their happiness is in part due to PokerStars. She says, "He taught me poker, and I am better than him now, just don't tell him that!" She says poker has brought them together, and they enjoyed sharing the game, also learning to respect each other's space.

Some of the emails made me wonder if we should introduce a range of baby clothing in PokerStars VIP Store. 'Bibimar2003' tells us she was living in Columbia when she got chatting to her future husband at a PokerStars table, he lived in the US at the time but they arranged to meet. They're now happily married, and he's moved to Colombia to be with her. She says, "We play together happily all the time, I'm pregnant and having a baby - all thanks to PokerStars."


'Elizavillain' and 'heltrskeltr' enjoying their winnings

Here's a photo of happy PokerStars couple, 'Elizavillain' and 'heltrskeltr'. She tells us, "Poker has made us sooo much closer! The picture is of us rolling in our money on our first day in Vegas.... We didn't win at all. We made $3." I get the impression they had fun despite the lack of bankroll.

Sometimes poker love can bring money too - as in CoolestWitch's case. She says,
"When my husband first started to talk to me about poker hands, I said, 'you must be confusing me with someone who is interested in poker.' Then we went on a holiday and we were bored on the plane so he taught me the rules. We ended up playing together, and soon I started to learn strategy. My husband taught me how to play, and I ended up being the professional, not him! We try not to play poker against each other, because we are both very competitive and it never ends well!"

I wish I could share more of the great stories we received, thank you to everybody who wrote in and proved there is a lot of love to be found at PokerStars tables. If you haven't found 'the one' yet or are not enjoying Valentines, you may want to log in to PokerStars today - you never know what might happen.

I'll let 'SORJUANA5730' have the last word on PokerStars love.

"I write these lines full of the love I feel for you, for me you are very important in my life, you're part of it. When I work hard, I'm tired, stressed, or sometimes sad, sometimes frustrated things didn't go the way I please, I put on pyjamas get a cup of hot tea, or milk and cookies, I'm comfortable and enjoy you. You're on my computer always waiting, I am fully convinced that I love you... I love you as my favorite game, today and forever, PokerStars.

If you have a poker love story I hope you'll share it in the comments below. Happy Valentines Day!

Joanne Bartley
@PokerStars in PS Women