The best of PokerStars traditions

The holiday season is nearly upon us, so it's time to think nostalgically about Christmases past and celebrate the special family things we repeat every year. This might mean helping the children find a carrot for Rudolph, or watching Grandad drink sherry until he slurs. We all know those special family times.

PokerStars is the biggest poker site in the world, but players throughout the world share common experiences, and in some ways it makes us one big (...very, very big) family. So as we wallow in festive nostalgia, I will raise a glass to my PokerStars friends and family everywhere, and share with you some of my favourite PokerStars traditions.


PCA satellites in December
It might be chilly outside, but it's never cold when you're logged into PokerStars Events lobby. In deep midwinter we can all dream of January sun. Check out details of PokerStars Women's satellites here or read about your last chance to qualify for the PCA main event here.

MicroMillions winners turning loose change into big cash
Another tradition I like is the happy-ever-after poker fairytale of the little player winning big. Like SoyDelGlobo who turned a $22 buy-in into $157,218.68 by winning the MicroMillions II Main Event. That's a 714,531% ROI!

This leads to...

The success behind the User ID
Like axel397, Ned_bg, ADP1985... Yeah, who? They've won loads more than I can ever dream of, so I'm sure they didn't just let the cat walk on the keyboard when they chose a name.

I like it when I read PokerStars Blog and suddenly some random user name takes on a human face. We learn what they do for a living, how they'll spend the cash, maybe even why they chose a name like guxcg6ryerikti9. (Okay, I did let my cat make that one up.)
My special favourites are when a woman steps from behind an anonymous nickname. Like sexylady409 who won the Sunday Million last month. Who'd have guessed she was a lady with that double bluff of a name?

The Sunday Majors
They're as regular as a turn card after a flop, or a re-raise every time I bluff... They're a constant, always there, with happy winners claiming loads of cash every week. It's just like someone finds Christmas every Sunday.

In fact I don't call it Sunday, I call it PokerStarsday.

Team Pro winning things
Vanessa Selbst wins everything, Martin Horecki is MicroMillions player of the series again.... yawn.

I love seeing good players proving their skills, but I wonder if Jason Mercier ever gets up and thinks, 'Hmm, maybe I should try something different today?' Like lose.

It's inspiring to see skill rewarded. It makes me want to keep keep improving, I might never get to the top, but I'm encouraged to play the best I can.

The Mega Milestone
Like hand 90,000,000,000... (is that enough zeroes yet?) landing on a $0.01/0.02 table and Somebodski from Russia claiming enough cash to buy a new car. It's like PokerStars having a hand history birthday party and giving random guests the presents.

Santa's Christmas PokerStars visit
This is the PokerStars tradition I like most of all. It's a little known fact that Santa Claus stops by the PokerStars tables every year, here's what happened last year.
We suspect the jolly bearded man might be visiting again very soon, so...

You'd better watch out,
You'd better not cry
(even when aces get cracked...)
You'd better not pout,
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to PokerStars..!

You probably have a favourite PokerStars tradition too, let us know by contacting PokerStars Women on Facebook or Twitter.

Have a lovely festive season, and don't eat too much Christmas cake or you'll spend Boxing Day hoovering crumbs out of your laptop fan. Or is that tradition just mine?

Joanne Bartley
@PokerStars in PS Women